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Export Processing Zones - Symbols of Exploitation and a Development Dead-End

Author: International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, Published on: 1 September 2003

[In] export processing zones (EPZs)... workers are made to take amphetamines to get them to work harder and faster, ... violence and abuse are a daily reality for thousands upon thousands of workers, and ... attempts to form unions and bargain collectively for a fair deal are often met with reprisals, sackings and even death threats. [refers to Lear, Johnson Controls, National Processing Company, Tyco, Samsung, Matsushita Electric Corporation, Sanyo, Siemens, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Dada, Jaqalanka Ltd., RedKap, Tortony Manufacturing, Gramerci Dominicana, Ramsa C por A, Saradona Manufacturing, Yoo Yang, Phillips Van Heusen, Summit Textiles, Textile Industries, Stylish Knits]

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