Factory farming in Asia poses environmental, forced-labour risks

Author: Rina Chandran, Reuters, Published on: 20 August 2017

"Factory farming in Asia poses environmental, forced-labour risks: report" 16 August 2017

…Rapid growth of factory farming in Asia for livestock and seafood poses enormous environmental and forced labor risks….

Half Asia's aquaculture production is from factory farms, said the report published…by Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return (FAIRR)….

"Asia's meat, seafood and dairy industries face a range of badly managed sustainability risks – from emissions to epidemics, fraud to food safety, and abuse of labor," said Jeremy Coller, founder of FAIRR.

China...is promoting large-scale farming for greater efficiency and economies of scale.

…The practice has serious environmental repercussions, besides leading to rural job loss and land rights violations….

Asia's factory farms also increase the risk of forced labor of migrants, children and trafficked workers….

Thailand's…seafood sector…showed widespread slavery, trafficking and violence….

…A Thai court dismissed a compensation claim by 14 migrant workers from Myanmar…at a chicken farm that supplied the European Union.

"Top producers are working towards developing sustainable production systems, certified through an increasing number of ecolabels," said Coller.

"But a general lack of traceability in supply chains has made it difficult...to evaluate and mitigate these risks."

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