Fairfood calls on Ahold & Delhaize to guarantee fair wages in supply chain following merger

Author: Fairfood International, Published on: 26 June 2015

"Fairfood congratulates Ahold and Delhaize with merger"

The purchasing strength of Ahold Delhaize benefits consumers in one way: our shopping becomes cheaper. But who pays the price for this? Fairfood fears that the downward pressure on prices will be especially felt by the most vulnerable people at the beginning of the food supply chain: the workers and the farmers, the pickers, the packers and the cutters worldwide. Millions of people work in the food supply chain. Many of them do not earn a fair wage. A fair income ensures that they, and their loved ones can lead a humane life, in which children can go to school, there are safe and healthy working conditions, and respect for the environment.The merger will generate cost savings. This is the perfect moment for Ahold Delhaize to implement fair wages in their food supply chains. And for Ahold Delhaize and Fairfood to search together for smart solutions, as part of the dialogue we have already established.

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