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Fairfood, CNV and ICAES rejoinder

Author: Fairfood International, CNV Internationaal and the Central American Institute for Social Studies, Published on: 18 August 2015

“Response to Bacardi and Diageo: the long road to ending labour abuses in the sugarcane sector”, 13 Aug 2015

Fairfood, CNV and ICAES…welcome the response form Bacardi and Diageo…In their responses, both companies chose to focus on a specific sugar product…[C]ompanies should be transparent about all sugarcane products…Research has also revealed incidents of CKDnT [Chronic Kidney Disease of non-Traditional causes] in Sri Lanka and India…Neither Bacardi nor Diageo address our finding that many sugarcane mills are failing to comply ILO conventions…The authors recognise that Bacardi has played a role in establishing Bonsucro certification…However…do not believe the standard is currently strict enough to property address all labour conditions linked to CKDnT…Diageo is responsible for their entire supply chain, and this the assertion that they source indirectly via traders does not absolve them form responsibility…

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Bacardi & Diageo to respond to the rejoinder. Bacardi & Diageo did not respond.  

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