Family Accuses 'Sugar' Filmmakers of Defamation

Author: Barbara Bradley Hagerty, National Public Radio [NPR], Published on: 3 October 2007

…a new documentary film…The Price of Sugar examines the sugar plantations of the Dominican Republic through the eyes of…Father Christopher Hartley. For nine years, Hartley waged an escalating war with one of the wealthy plantation families [the Vicini family] over their treatment of the migrant Haitian workers who live and work there…the workers drink from the same water source as oxen. They have no electricity or toilets. They're forbidden to leave the plantation… "People were denied…the freedom to congregate…the freedom to come to mass,"…[Hartley] says. "People were not paid in cash. Children would sow the sugar cane fields for approximately 25 cents a day...." …the Vicini family…[has filed a] defamation suit…in federal district court in Massachusetts…

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