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FAQ: The climate change lawsuit in Colorado

Author: EarthRights, Published on: 17 April 2018

Q: How does climate change impact these communities? 
A: Rising temperatures threaten these communities' safety

Q: What costs do the communities face in responding to climate change?
A: Over the next few decades, these communities will need to spend more than one hundred million dollars to respond to climate change.

Q: Why sue these two companies?
A: Suncor and Exxon are two of the world's largest contributors to climate change and have worked closely together in Colorado. Fossil fuel combustion accounted for nearly 80% of all GHG emissions between 1970 and 2010.

Q: What did Suncor and Exxon do that was outside normal business behavior?
A: For more than 50 years, these oil companies have known about the harm that their products would cause to communities, but have chosen to continue business as usual.

Q: What will this lawsuit cost the local taxpayers?
A: The local governments prioritize spending taxpayer dollars in a cost-conscious manner.There will only be nominal costs associated with the lawsuit.

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