Farm overseas to help nation, companies told [China]

Author: Mandy Zuo, South Chna Morning Post [Hong Kong], Published on: 7 September 2011

Greater support for agricultural investment overseas has been written into China’s new five-year blueprint for agriculture, as limited farmland and water resources present a growing challenge to provide food for the nation’s expanding population...Chinese companies have aroused accusations of landgrabs and even colonialism, especially in Africa...[S]aid Professor Zheng Fengtian from the School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development under Renmin University...“ The experience is that state-owned companies such as COFCO have poorly managed farms overseas, and often their investment easily arouses criticism...”...Exploitation by foreign agricultural companies, including those from China, has been blamed for contributing to the ongoing food crisis in the Horn of Africa...…[L]ocal governments in Africa would have made more effort to develop their own agriculture if these companies had not bought large plots of land there…

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