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16 September 2019

Fast Retailing partners with ILO to improve worker environments in Asia

Author: Japan Today

"Uniqlo operator ties up with ILO to improve Asia worker environments", 5 September 2019...

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4 July 2019

Fast Retailing & UN Women enter global partnership to champion women's rights in apparel industry

Author: Marjorie van Elven, FashionUnited

"Fast Retailing teams up with UN Women to empower female workers across supply chain", 2 July 2019...

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13 June 2019

UK & global brand responses to 2019 living wage surveys

Author: Labour Behind the Label & Clean Clothes Campaign

Labour Behind the Label and Clean Clothes Campaign invited 32 brands to respond to their living wage survey, to update their study into brand progress towards payment of a living wage. The responses are attached. ...

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7 June 2019

Report: Major UK & global clothing brands are failing to deliver on living wage commitments to garment workers

In June 2019, Labour Behind the Label released 'Tailored Wages UK 2019: The state of pay in the global garment industry', which looked at 12 major UK brands in addition to 20 global brands - covering luxury, sportswear, fast fashion, and online retail...

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6 June 2019

Global: Brands showing no progress in meeting living wage commitments, report finds

Author: Clean Clothes Campaign

"Major brands are failing on living wage commitments", 5 June 2019...

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31 May 2019

Report finds global fashion brands are failing to deliver on living wage commitments to workers; Incl. co. comments

 In May 2019, a report by Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, ‘Corporate Commitments to Living Wages in the Garment Industry', found that global fashion brands are failing to deliver on living wage commitments....

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30 May 2019

Global garment companies are failing to deliver on living wage promises to workers, new SPERI study finds

Author: Remi Edwards, Tom Hung & Genevieve LeBaron, Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute

Since the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh in 2013, the garment industry has faced growing pressure to raise wages and improve working conditions from consumers, civil society, unions and governments. Leading global corporation...

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13 May 2019

Japan: Fast Retailing discloses all major garment factories for 1st time, increasing supply chain transparency

Author: Yoshihiro Hara, Nikkei Asian Review

"Uniqlo discloses all garment factories for first time", 11 May 2019...

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Company response
16 April 2019

Fast Retailing's response

Author: Fast Retailing

We really appreciate you give us an opportunity to include our company perspective....

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16 April 2019

Indonesia: Labour groups call on Blackstone to pay garment workers $10.8 million still owed in severance & unpaid wages four years after factory closure

Four years after the closure of Jaba Garmindo factory in Indonesia and in light of new reporting, the International Labor Rights Forum, AFL-CIO, United Students Against Sweatshops, and Global Labor Justice are calling on the Blackstone Group to pay...

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