Fellowship at The Inter-American Association for Environmental Defense

The Inter-American Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA) is offering a one-year, fully funded fellowship to work on human rights and environmental issues with AIDA.  This is a burgeoning field that seeks to unify human rights and environmental protection to comprehensively protect people’s rights to a healthy environment, among other things.  The fellowship is open to any Latin American lawyer with a commitment to public work in human rights and the environment, and who has demonstrated excellence in their professional and academic career.


  • Contribute to AIDA’s mission to strengthen people’s capacity to guarantee their individual and collective right to a healthy environment through the development, implementation, and effective enforcement of national and international law;
  • Carry out legal research and writing to support domestic and international litigation associated with environmental degradation that affects human rights;
  • Identify cases, plan and design precedent-setting legal strategies with domestic organizations, and promote compliance with environmental and human rights law concerning large hydropower dams, toxic pollutants, global warming and other environmental threats to the human rights of local communities;
  • Assist with media efforts to publicize cases and precedents such as by writing press releases and information for the internet;
  • Help to prepare reports for advocacy and fundraising;
  • Contribute to AIDA’s legal education and capacity building activities in the Western Hemisphere.


  • Law degree and professional license from a Latin American or Caribbean country;
  • LL.M (Master of Laws) or 2 years of work experience in legal practice, human rights and/or environmental issues;
  • Familiarity with international human rights and environmental law, issues and legal mechanisms;
  • Knowledge of their home country’s administrative, environmental and constitutional law;
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and Spanish;
  • Knowledge of Portuguese is helpful.

Criteria for selection:

  • Clear and demonstrated commitment to public work in protecting the environment and human rights, and a commitment to continue working in a public position after the fellowship year;
  • Clear, professional and excellent writing style;
  • Proactive and demonstrating initiative, leadership, and the ability to work independently, in groups and under pressure;
  • Familiarity with regional issues related to human rights and the environment, and the social context of such issues in different countries of the region;
  • Availability to relocate and travel;
  • Prior experience in working with affected communities is preferable.

The fellow will have the opportunity to work part of the time out of AIDA’s San Francisco, California office, and the rest of the time in our Mexico City office.  The fellowship will cover travel expenses to and from California and/or Mexico as well as one trip related to the fellow’s work.  The fellowship will include a stipend to cover the fellow’s living expenses and incidentals during the year.

Position: Fellowship 

Location: San Francisco & Mexico City

Contract: Full time, 1 year

Closing date: 13 February 2015