FIDH launches report urging French courts to speed up investigations into Amesys' alleged complicity in torture in Libya


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11 February 2015

The Amesys Case

Author: FIDH (France)

[In 2011] FIDH and…LDH…filed a complaint alleging the complicity of…Amesys and its executive managers in acts of torture for having…executed a[n]…agreement for the provision of surveillance technology to the Libyan regime in 2007. FIDH…lodged the complaint…on the basis of the principle of extraterritorial jurisdiction…[In 2012 t]he [State] Prosecutor officially asked that the [criminal] case be closed…[but] the Criminal Investigations Tribunal…denied the Prosecutor’s request…confirming the opening of an investigation…In…2013, FIDH and the LDH introduced five Libyan victims as civil parties in the…proceedings…All of the victims had been…tortured during the uprising …having been identified through…electronic communications…In June and July 2013, with support from FIDH, five victims testif[ied] before the investigating judge…Should this case meet with success, it will be an unprecedented step towards greater awareness for companies of the criminal liability linked to complicity in international crimes and it will…contribute to better…regulation of this technology sold to oppressive governments….

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11 February 2015

The Amesys case: the victims anxious to see tangible progress

Author: FIDH

FIDH and LDH publish a report today on the major developments in the Amesys case. More than three years after filing a complaint against the French company, our organisations urge the courts to speed up their judicial investigations and take concrete steps to meet the Libyan victims’s need for justice. Everything should be done to conclude the investigative phase as quickly as possible…“We expect the French courts to act faster in this case which seeks to establish the criminal liability of a French company”, [said the] lawyer and Honorary President of LDH. This case was opened after FIDH and LDH filed a complaint in October 2011 against Amesys, a French company, for complicity in acts of torture by supplying the Gaddafi regime with the surveillance equipment needed for the repression of political opponents and the population as a whole...

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