FIFA to discuss moving Qatar 2022 World Cup to winter months but remain silent on workers’ rights

Author: International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) , Published on: 24 September 2013

Concerns for the welfare of players and spectators at the Qatar 2022 World Cup have led to deliberations within FIFA to move the tournament from the searing heat of the summer months to winter...ITUC said the union movement fully shares the concerns over the health and safety of players and spectators, but is deeply disappointed that the vastly more serious situation of the workers building the infrastructure for the Qatar World Cup is not being considered by FIFA. “People should not have to pay with their lives for the World Cup to be a sporting and commercial success. 1.2 million migrant workers in Qatar are forced to work in extremely high temperatures. The lack of protection and rights causes an average of at least one death every day”...

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