First Latin American Conference On Human Rights & Business - Call for Papers

The First Latin American Conference on Human Rights and Business, seeks to become a forum for regional reflection on the great challenges faced by States, business enterprises and victims to ensure an adequate protection, respect and guarantee of human rights in the face of business activities, as well as to foster a deeper dialogue on potential ways to achieve a responsible business conduct that is respectful of human rights in the twenty-first century.

This call for papers invites interested authors to present abstracts that preferably address one of the following topics:

1. The treaty process on business and human rights.

2. National Action Plans to implement the UN Guiding Principles.

3. Responsibility of home and host States.

4. Business and human rights in the Inter-American Human Rights System.

5. The experience of national jurisdictions in relation to reparations and access to remedy.

6. Development, business and human rights.

7. The challenges for supply chains in Latin America.

8. Foreign investment and constitutional and conventional blocs.

9. State-owned enterprises, privatization and human rights.

10. Latin American private international law in the context of business and human rights.

11. Sector-specific challenges for human rights (sweatshops, IT, extractive industries, etc.).

12. Vulnerable groups vis-à-vis business activities (women, children, people with disability, indigenous peoples and afrodescendents, LGBTI, etc.).

Abstracts submitted for consideration should have a maximum length of 400 words, including a footnote with the relevant information and experience of the author. Abstracts can be sent in Spanish, Portuguese or English. They shall be received by 25 January 2019 at the latest, and should be sent to [email protected].