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18 February 2012

Tribe sees mining project as threat to its way of life [Mexico]

Author: William Booth, Washington Post

For the Huichol Indians, the desert mountains here are sacred, a cosmic portal with major mojo, where shamans collect the peyote that fuels the waking dreams that hold the universe together. For a Canadian mining company, these same hills look like a...

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10 January 2011
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Author: a.m. Querétaro [México]

Las comunidades huicholas de Durango, Nayarit y Jalisco han mostrado su rechazo en los últimos meses contra los trabajos de explotación de plata en el Cerro del Quemado o 'Wirikuta', en San Luis Potosí, pues argumentan que afectaría la ruta sagrada que...

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23 July 2010

Mining in Wirikuta: And the Ecological Reserve? [Mexico]

Author: La Jornada de Jalisco [Mexico]

Located in the northern part of the state of San Luis Potosí, the transnational mining company of Canadian origin, First Majestic Silver Corp. has finalized its first stage of exploration in the Sierra of Catorce where it has acquired 22 mining...

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