Former Tesla employees accuse co. of antigay harassment, age discrimination & failure to pay wages in lawsuit

Author: Trudy Ring, The Advocate, Published on: 6 August 2018

"Blockbuster Suit Against Tesla Alleges Antigay Harassment and More", 1 August 2018


Three former employees of Tesla’s energy sales division have filed a lawsuit alleging antigay harassment, age discrimination, failure to pay them for all hours worked, and retaliation for complaining about working conditions and fake sales accounts created by other employees... In the suit (...) one of the employees, Andrew Staples (...) alleges that he was subjected to repeated antigay harassment by a supervisor from another department... Staples says he complained to numerous managers, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but no disciplinary action was taken... Ray, who was terminated last year at age 59, alleges age discrimination, also banned by California law... Both men and a third plaintiff, Anqunetta White, say they complained to the company about “fake potential sales accounts” created by other employees... Their termination by the company was retaliation for their complaints, they say... Regarding the lawsuit (...) a Tesla spokesperson provided The Advocate with the following statement: “The plaintiffs’ roles were eliminated last year when, as part of Tesla’s integration with SolarCity, we decided to close our door-to-door sales channel for energy products, and the suggestion that they were eliminated for any other reason is false. Tesla is absolutely against any form of discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment of any kind by or against anyone. After examining the timecards of applicable employees, Human Resources confirmed that employees were paid properly and invited them to submit a list of unpaid hours if they disagreed, so we could review it and confirm proper payment. The one hourly plaintiff never identified any hours for which she was not paid.”

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