Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson calls on private sector to respect human rights in actions on sustainable development & climate change

Author: Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice, Published on: 7 April 2017

The private sector must be an active contributor to sustainable development that respects human rights and labour rights, and upholds environmental and governance standards in their global operations, including throughout their supply chains. By strengthening each country’s commitment to implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and developing substantive National Action Plans on the implementation of these principles, the public and private sectors can develop partnerships that further economic growth and development, eradicate poverty and inequality, and realize the SDGs...Recent allegations of human rights infringements by renewable energy companies, have been documented by the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, showing that land rights, labour rights and indigenous rights can all can be undermined in the absence of appropriate checks and balances on renewable energy projects. On the other hand, engaging people in climate decision making create more buy in and support for climate action. Governments cannot achieve the SDGs or implement the Paris agreement’s goals without the actions of their citizens and the support of civil society."...

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