Founding Industry Members

Author: International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers Association (ICoCA) , Published on: 20 September 2013

Founding Industry Members ACADEMI, AEGIS, AGEMA Svcs., Al Hurea, Al Thuraya Consultancy, Edinburgh Intl., Edson Tiger, Ekpedefsi Epikinonia, KK Security, Kryptais Group Intl., Pheonix Maritime Protection, Pilgrims Group, Plexus Consultancy, Special Response Intl, Specialized Global Services, Landmark Security, Spitfire Global, Legionforce, Protection Vessels Intl., Emerald Solutions, EOS Risk Management, LGS Matrix, Ramora Global, REDFour MSS, SSA Marine, Stent Intl., Erinys, Lingwood Security Mgt., LPD Risk Mgt., REE Training, Sterling Global Operations, Temi Group, Allies, Alphard Security, Amalgamated Security Svcs., ANTICIP, Facility Specialists & Multi Svcs., Frontier Horizons, G4S, GardaWorld, GCE Consultants, Marine One, Maritime Defence Force, Maritime Asset Security & Training, Maritime Defence Intl., Ronin Concepts, Result Group, Safe Seas Consult, Saladin, Salamanca Risk Mgt., TorchStone Page, Triple Canopy, United Guards Services, Unity Resources Group, Arch Shipping, Maritime Risk Intl., Milne Management Security Svcs., Unity SPS, ARGOS Security, Argus Security Projects, Aspida Maritime Security, ASK Intl., Asset Maritime Security Svcs., Atlas Intl. Security, Aus-Com Security Svcs., GEOS, Geospatial Intelligence, Global Integrated Security, Global Strategies Group, Graspan Frankton, Groupe EHC, Guardian Global Business Security, HART, Milne Maritime Security Svcs., Minimal Risk Consultancy, MS Risk, Navigare Security, Newport Africa, OGM Intl., MNG Maritime, Sans Peur Maritime Security, Sea Guardian Maritime, Seahawk Maritime, Secure Shipping, Securewest Intl., Security & Mgt. Svcs., Shield Private Security Solutions, Universal Maritime Solutions, Valor Intl., Varick SOS, Venture Risk Mgt., Veritas Intl., Vesper Group, Veterans Security Svcs., Beowulf Defense & Security, Britam Defense, Hua Xin Zhong An, Olive Group, Operational Security Intl., Ship Security International, Sinoguards Maritime Security, Vital Security Services, Control Risks, Hawki Worldwide, Housing Assist UK Security, Optimal Risk, SOC, Wackenhut Pakistan, CORPGUARD, Corps Group, Diaplous Maritime Svcs., Drum Cussac, DynCorp Intl., HSS Risk Management, Indefatigable Protective Svcs., Intelligent Risks, Intl. Protection Group, Orcas Security Associates, Origin Security Group, Overseas Security & Strategic Info, PalSafe, Solace Global, SOS Pakistan, Spartent Global Solutions, Special Projects and Services, Zeus, ECS Intl Security, Kanchanjangha Security, Pax Mondial, Special Response Intl. UK

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