Four Human Rights Issues Every Food and Agriculture Company Needs to Understand

Author: Peter Nestor, BSR Insight, Published on: 11 February 2013

When the United Nations endorsed the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights...businesses in nearly every industry took a more serious look at their human rights impacts. For food, beverage, and agriculture companies, labor rights are often the most well-understood...But a holistic approach...will uncover several other potential impacts...This article reviews four risks and impacts in the agriculture supply chain through a human rights lens:...Labor Rights: Child Labor, Hours and Wages, and Human Trafficking...Right to Water and Sanitation...Land Conversion and Resettlement...Food Security and Biofuels Production...Leading companies are beginning to address these and other human rights challenges through several distinct management strategies...conducting human rights risk or impact assessments at the corporate level, identifying key issues for the company,...formulating a human rights policy...[and] develop internal training programs...[for] employees... [refers to Nestlé, Monsanto, H&M, PepsiCo]

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