France: Lawsuit against employment agency Adecco alleges it "rated" job applicants by race in 2000 - clients that refused to accept black employees include hotels, restaurants, department stores

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3 February 2006

Statement of Euro Disney regarding allegations of racial discrimination in France involving Adecco and Disneyland Resort Paris

Author: Euro Disney

The investigation in the mentioned Adecco case, which involves several large French companies, is still ongoing. Therefore by French legislation I am not allowed to make comments or give information about the case itself. What I can tell you is that Euro Disney is a truly multicultural company that employs cast members from over 100 different nationalities. Racism, just as any other form of discrimination is not tolerated at Disneyland Resort Paris.

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15 January 2006

French Discrimination Suit Calls Égalité Into Question

Author: Molly Moore, Washington Post

Gerald Roffat, an intern at one of the world's largest temporary agencies [Adecco], helped launch a lawsuit alleging the firm used code to identify blacks and prevent them from being hired at some of Paris's best-known companies...The clients that refused to accept black employees for their most visible service jobs included some of the city's best-known hotels, restaurants and department stores, as well as local government agencies and the Foreign Ministry...Other clients, among them the Disneyland Resort Paris theme park, imposed limits on the number of black workers they accepted, [Roffat]...said...Tristan d'Avezac, a spokesman for Adecco, declined to comment on specifics of the complaint, citing a continuing investigation. But he said that in 2000 the company imposed a policy aimed at ending racial discrimination in its operations...According to d'Avezac, the company's current policy requires Adecco employees to avoid complicity or compliance with...discriminatory demands [from clients]...Case records show that Adecco employees have said they were told by Disney employees that minority referrals to Disney could not exceed about 20 percent...Pieter Boterman, a spokesman for Disneyland Resort Paris, declined to comment, citing the continuing investigation. He added, "Racism is absolutely not tolerated at Disney Resort Paris, as well as any other form of discrimination."

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