France: Uber drivers strike over 'undignified' prices, 'abusive logouts' & unauthorised drivers

Author: The Connexion, Published on: 4 December 2019

"Uber drivers in France on strike over app changes", 26 November 2019

Drivers of...Uber are on protest against a change in some of the platform’s key driver settings.

..An Uber spokesperson said that the strike had been prompted by “a procedural change to improve the quality of service”...

...The Uber spokesperson said that the impact on “the 30,000 drivers signed up to the platform” had been minimal, and said that the app no longer logged drivers out for this reason. They said: “...[Uber] has gone back to the previous system.”

But Brahim Ben Ali, Uber driver and leader of the strike movement, said that the strike had also been prompted by further issues.

These included “undignified” prices for journeys, “abusive logouts”, and drivers who abuse the app by driving under its brand without authorisation (a VTC card, which all Uber drivers are legally required to have)...

...According to Uber France, all drivers registered on the app were asked to verify their ensure that they are licensed and not committing fraud. “Those who did not do so were logged out, as we may believe them to be acting fraudulently.” Uber France added that the average net price paid to drivers for journeys was 9.15 per hour, which it said was “above the industry average”...

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