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France: Under new law, cos. would face sanctions for failing to block fake news

Author: Charles Bremner, The Times (UK), Published on: 15 February 2018

"France aims to ban fake news at election time", 14 Feb 2018

Facebook and other social media companies would face sanctions for failing to block fake news under a law proposed by the French government. During election campaigns, judges would be empowered to order the immediate removal of items to halt the viral spread of false information, Françoise Nyssen, the culture minister, said... President Macron was the target of fake news and his campaign computers were hacked during last year’s election. He blamed Russian hackers and troll farms and named RT, the TV network financed by the Kremlin, and Sputnik, the Russian news site, as culprits... The new law, to be passed by the summer, would give the state broadcast regulator the power to shut down news outlets in France if they were owned by a foreign state and transmitted false news... In the five weeks before an election social media companies would have to identify who had sponsored content on news feeds and how much they had paid. “This new law will establish new responsibilities for the different media platforms, which will have to co-operate with the state and be transparent about their sponsored content,” Ms Nyssen said...

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