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Colombia: Trade union president attacked & seriously injured during demonstration for freedom of association rights
LabourStart, 16 Jan 2014

ILO Committee on Freedom of Association draws special attention on serious labour right issues in Guatemala, Colombia and Venezuela
Department of Communication and Public Information, ILO, 24 Jun 2013

Colombia: Amnesty Intl. Says Drummond trade unionists continue to face death threats
Amnesty Intl., 14 Jun 2013

No letup in anti-union pressure in Colombia - 280 trade unionists received death threats & 20 killed in 2012
Intl. Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), 19 Apr 2013

Swiss prosecutors close lawsuit against Nestlé alleging company's complicity in murder of Colombian labour leader
AFP, 2 May 2013

Colombia: Amnesty Intl. says trade union leaders negotiating with Cerrejon Coal have been threatened – includes company statement
Amnesty Intl., 21 Jan 2013

Colombia: Judge convicts former contractor of Drummond over union leaders’ killings in 2001; also orders investigation of company’s top executives
Associated Press, 6 Feb 2013

General Secretary of Colombian Sugar Cane Cutters’ union assassinated
National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) (Canada), May 2012

Union & NGO file criminal charges against Nestlé in Switzerland alleging it failed to prevent death of trade unionist in Colombia - company denies all allegations
Basler Zeitung (Switzerland), 6 Mar 2012
    Nestlé response
    Nestlé, 7 Mar 2012

Colombian union leader files suit against BP in US court alleging he was tortured by death squads hired by company
Ryan Abbot, Courthouse News Services, 28 Feb 2012
    full text of complaint
    Terry Collingsworth, Conrad & Scherer LLP, 24 Feb 2012

Colombia: Unions call on Gas Natural to protect unionised workers who have received death threats - includes company response in Spanish
Intl. Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM), 6 Feb 2012

Colombia: Human Rights Watch study finds "virtually no progress" in obtaining convictions for killings of trade unionists
Frank Bajak, Huffington Post (USA), 2 Oct 2011
     Human Rights Watch letter to Colombian Attorney General re impunity for anti-union violence
     José Miguel Vivanco, Human Rights Watch, 3 Oct 2011

Colombia: Contractor who was trying to bring trade union rights to temporary Ecopetrol employees is killed
Intl. Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Union (ICEM), 2 Oct 2011

Colombia: Vale Coal Colombia allegedly made reprisals against workers who tried to unionise, says US union USW - includes company response
Tom Heyden, Colombia Reports, 20 June 2011

Colombia: Summary profile of lawsuit against Drummond for alleged involvement in killings of trade unionists including various media reports
compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Last updated 4 Feb 2011

Colombia: Executives, employees of oil company Ocensa under investigation for alleged kidnapping, torture of union leader
Manuela Kuehr, Colombia Reports, 9 Dec 2010

Colombia: Excerpt of book alleging bottling plants supplying Coca-Cola are linked with killings of trade unionists
Mark Thomas, Guardian (UK), 20 Sep 2008

Colombia: Union leader describes displacement, death threats & killings in struggle against mining companies
Saundra Satterlee, Guardian (UK), 25 Apr 2008

Colombia: Amnesty Intl. issues urgent action for death threats received by unionists opposing mining in Bolívar
Amnesty Intl., 15 Apr 2008

Colombia: Amnesty Intl. fears for safety of foodworker unionists following death threats, abduction
Amnesty Intl., 11 Oct 2007

Colombia: Glencore accused of dismissing workers trying to form a union as well as two reported attempts on life of trade unionist from Glencore-licensed mine – includes company response
compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Aug 2007

Colombia: Union leader tells jury in war crimes trial that Drummond official made death threat
Russell Hubbard, Birmingham News (USA), 12 Jul 2007

Colombia: Amnesty Intl. highlights "systematic" attacks against trade unionists
Amnesty Intl., 3 Jul 2007

Colombia: Union representatives tell US Democrat representative they are "tired of our people being killed, of the constant abuses and the impunity"
Helda Martinez, Inter Press Service, 20 Mar 2007

DONG Energy says it will not sign new contracts with Drummond coal before lawsuit regarding killings of trade unionists in Colombia is resolved
compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Nov 2006

Colombia: Lawsuit filed in USA against Nestlé for alleged complicity in killing of trade unionist
Jane Bussey, Miami Herald (USA), 28 Oct, 2006

Colombia Govt. urged to protect trade unionists from killings: "treat workers' rights as human rights" before US enters into free trade agreement
New York Times, 12 Jul 2006

BusinessWeek in-depth articles on Coca-Cola's labour rights record in Colombia
Bloomberg, 23 Jan 2006

Colombia: 94 trade unionists assassinated last year
Justice for Colombia, 28 Feb 2005

Colombia: United Steelworkers of America president writes to Coca-Cola & Colombian president calling for investigations into murder of trade unionist
Pittsburgh Business Times (USA), 6 Sep 2002


Colombia: Un sindicalista de industria de cerveza asesinado y otro más amenazado por supuestos paramilitares; campaña internacional por su protección
Rel-UITA, 15 enero 2014

El presidente de la CUT Caldas perdió el ojo izquierdo (Colombia)
La Patria, 15 enero 2014

Colombia: Organizaciones sindicales protestan por detenciones de dirigentes supuestamente opuestos a Pacific Rubiales
Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos y Paz U.S.O., Junta Directiva U.S.O Nacional (Colombia), 6 diciembre 2013

Colombia: Informe de ONG de derechos laborales indica que aumentó el índice de ataques contra sindicalistas en el 2013
Agencia de información laboral, Escuela Nacional Sindical (Colombia), 10 diciembre 2013

Comité de Libertad Sindical llama la atención por la gravedad de violaciones de derechos laborales en Guatemala, Colombia y Venezuela
Departamento de Comunicación e Información al Público, Organización Internacional del Trabajo, OIT, 24 junio 2013

Colombia: Amnistía Internacional denuncia continuación de amenazas de muerte contra sindicalistas de Drummond
Amnistía Internacional, 14 junio 2013

Colombia: Dirigentes sindicales de Carbones del Cerrejón reciben amenazas - incluye comunicado de la empresa
Industri-All-Colombia & Agencia de Información Laboral, Escuela Nacional Sindical, ENS (Colombia), enero 2013

Colombia: Justicia colombiana sentencia a ex-contratista de Drummond por asesinato de dos sindicalistas en el 2001, y ordena investigar a dirigentes de la empresa
Associated Press, 6 febrero, 2013

Colombia: Organizaciones sindicales denuncian abusos laborales en Bavaria, filial de cervecera SabMiller - incluye la respuesta de Bavaria-SABMiller
Agencia de Información Laboral, Escuela Nacional Sindical (Colombia), 11 julio 2012

ONG & sindicato presentan una demanda penal en Suiza contra Nestlé por supuestamente no haber prevenido el homicidio de sindicalista colombiano
European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), 6 marzo 2012

Colombia: Sindicatos demandan a Gas Natural protección para trabajadores amenazados de muerte por su actividad sindical en filial de la empresa, Electricaribe
Federación Internacional de Sindicatos de la Energía, Química, Minas e Industrias Diversas (ICEM), 6 febrero 2012

Colombia: 12 trabajadores de Proservis, contratista de Coca-Cola Femsa, despedidos por sindicalizarse; otros dirigentes del sindicato denuncian persecución – Coca-Cola Femsa responde
Notiagen (Colombia), 21 enero 2012

Colombia: Trabajadores denuncian que Caja de Compensación Colsubsidio despidió a 22 trabajadores por "tratar de conformar un sindicato" y acusó penalmente a 4 directivos - invitamos a la empresa a responder pero no lo hizo
Agencia de información laboral, Escuela Nacional Sindical, ENS (Colombia), 17 noviembre 2011

Colombia debe garantizar justicia frente a violencia antisindical
José Miguel Vivanco, Human Rights Watch, 3 octubre 2011

Colombia: Asesinan a dirigente de trabajadores subcontratados de Ecopetrol
Federación Internacional de Sindicatos de la Química, Energía, Minas e Industrias Diversas (ICEM), 2 octubre 2011

Colombia: Minera de carbón Vale Coal Colombia no respeta el derecho a la libre sindicalización de sus trabajadores, dice federación internacional de trabajadores ICEM -  Respuesta de Vale
Federación Internacional de Sindicatos de la Química, Energía, Minas e Industrias Diversas (ICEM), 20 junio 2011

Colombia: Sindicato denuncia asesinato de ex dirigente que trabajaba para subsidiaria de Nestlé, y llama a la empresa a colaborar con las investigaciones
SINALTRAINAL (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria de Alimentos)(Colombia), 3 mayo 2011

Colombia: Sindicato de trabajadores de Cerrejón condena y denuncia nuevas amenazas, hostigamientos y agresiones contra sus miembros y dirigentes sindicales – la empresa responde
SINTRACARBÓN (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria del Carbón), 30 abril 2011

Colombia: Amnistía Internal. emite acción urgente por amenazas de muerte contra sindicalistas opuestos a minería en Bolívar
Amnistía Internacional, 15 abril 2008

Colombia: Sindicato USW pide a Uribe que proteja a Sinaltrainal tras amenazas
Terra Actualidad, EFE, 6 octubre 2007

Colombia: Informe de Amnistía destaca agresiones "sistemáticas" contra sindicalistas
Amnistía Internacional, 3 julio 2007


Colombie: Des syndicalistes qui négocient avec Drummond à nouveau menacés de mort
Amnesty International, 14 juin 2013

Suisse : Associations européennes & colombiennes déposent plainte auprès du Ministère public de Zoug contre Nestlé concernant le meurtre d’un syndicaliste colombien
European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), 6 mars 2012

La Colombie est l'un des endroits les plus dangereux du monde pour les syndicalistes
Amnesty Intl., 3 juillet 2007

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3 August 2014

Switzerland's highest court rejects case against Nestlé over alleged indirect responsibility in death of Colombian trade unionist

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16 January 2014

Colombia: End violence and persecution of trade unionists

Author: LabourStart

Trade unionists in Colombia are consistently subjected to violence and persecution. The latest victim at a peaceful demonstration is the president of CUT and SINTRAELECOL-Caldas, Arturo Oscar Orozco. He was brutally attacked and remains in hospital in...

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15 January 2014
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Author: Rel-UITA

Ever Luis Marín Rolong, dirigente regional del sindicato de trabajadores cerveceros Sinaltraceba fue asesinado el 4 de enero por pistoleros sin identificar, que le dispararon seis veces cuando esperaba un autobús en la ciudad de Soledad. Al día...

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6 December 2013
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Author: Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos y Paz U.S.O., Junta Directiva U.S.O Nacional (Colombia)

La Unión Sindical Obrera de la Industria Del Petróleo…denuncia la nueva oleada de detenciones…en esta ocasión de…Campo Elías Ortiz, Jose Dilio Naranjo y Héctor Sánchez, trabajadores y líderes sindicales de empresas contratistas de…Pacific Rubiales en...

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24 June 2013
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Author: Departamento de Comunicación e Información al Público, Organización Internacional del Trabajo, OIT

El Comité de Libertad Sindical llamó especialmente la atención…sobre la situación en Guatemala…y la República Bolivariana de Venezuela debido a la gravedad y urgencia de los casos…que amenazan la vida o la libertad de las personas, o las…condiciones...

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24 June 2013

ILO Governing Body adopts reports of the Committee on Freedom of Association

Author: Department of Communication and Public Information, ILO

The Committee on Freedom of Association (CFA) drew the special attention of the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Governing Body to the serious and urgent cases of Guatemala, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Bolivarian Republic of...

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14 June 2013
+ Español - Hide

Author: Amnistía Internacional

…El 13 de junio, los líderes sindicales Juan Aguas, Edgar Muñoz, Estivenson Ávila y Rubén Morrón Guerrero recibieron una amenaza de muerte mediante mensaje de texto…Los cuatro amenazados son miembros del Sindicato Nacional de la Industria Minera,...

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14 June 2013

Colombia: Trade unionists face continued death threats

Author: Amnesty International

On 13 June trade union leaders Juan Aguas, Edgar Muñoz, Estivenson Avila and Rubén Morrón Guerrero received a death threat by text message… All four are members of the Colombian Union of Workers of the Mining, Petrochemical, Agro-Fuels and Energy...

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14 June 2013
+ Français - Hide

Author: Amnesty International

Le 13 juin 2013, les dirigeants syndicalistes Juan Aguas, Edgar Muñoz, Estivenson Avila et Rubén Morrón Guerrero ont reçu une menace de mort par SMS…Les quatre hommes font partie du Syndicat national des travailleurs des entreprises du secteur minier...

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2 May 2013

Swiss prosecutors close Colombian widow's case against Nestle

Author: AFP

Swiss prosecutors…closed a lawsuit by a Colombian woman accusing Swiss food giant Nestle of indirect responsibility for the murder of her union-worker husband. The woman had filed her suit on March 5, 2012, charging that Nestle and its leadership were...

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