Guatemala: Intl. Trade Union Confederation condemns killing of young construction unionist in Quetzaltenango
ITUC, 14 Jan 2014  

Swiss prosecutors close lawsuit against Nestlé alleging company's complicity in murder of Colombian labour leader
AFP, 2 May 2013

No letup in anti-union pressure in Colombia - 280 trade unionists received death threats & 20 killed in 2012
Intl. Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), 19 Apr 2013

Colombia: Justicia colombiana sentencia a ex-contratista de Drummond por asesinato de dos sindicalistas en el 2001, y ordena investigar a dirigentes de la empresa
Associated Press, 6 febrero, 2013

Bangladesh: Killing of labour rights activist, Aminul Islam, still under investigation 5 months on - was trying to resolve labour impasse at suppliers for American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger/PVH, Nike & others - includes responses & non-responses
New York Times, 9 Sep 2012

So. Africa: 34 killed & at least 78 injured after police open fire on striking workers at Lonminmine
compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Aug 2012

General Secretary of Colombian Sugar Cane Cutters’ union assassinated
National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) (Canada), May 2012

Union & NGO file criminal charges against Nestlé in Switzerland alleging it failed to prevent death of trade unionist in Colombia - company denies all allegations

Basler Zeitung (Switzerland), 6 Mar 2012
    Nestlé response
    Nestlé, 7 Mar 2012
Guatemala: Banana Union leader killed "in the midst of a battle" waged by the union against Del Monte's subsidiary Bandegua
Intl. Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), 10 Feb 2012

Police accused of killing 1 union activist & injuring others in shootings during protest at Freeport Indonesia in West Papua - includes company response

Asian Human Rights Commission, 13 Oct 2011

Colombia: Human Rights Watch study finds "virtually no progress" in obtaining convictions for killings of trade unionists
Frank Bajak, Huffington Post (USA), 2 Oct 2011
     Human Rights Watch letter to Colombian Attorney General re impunity for anti-union violence
     José Miguel Vivanco, Human Rights Watch, 3 Oct 2011

Colombia: Contractor who was trying to bring trade union rights to temporary Ecopetrol employees is killed
Intl. Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Union (ICEM), 2 Oct 2011

Colombia: Summary profile of lawsuit against Drummond for alleged involvement in killings of trade unionists including various media reports
compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Last updated 4 Feb 2011

Philippines: Worker rights violations, killings & threats to unions continue under new Aquino govt, says commentary
Marya Salmat, Vox Bikol (Philippines), 3 Jan 2011

Panama: Unions condemn "violent repression" of protests by banana & construction workers that left 6 dead
Intl. Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), 13 Jul 2010

ITUC Annual Survey finds there were 101 union related killings in 2009
Intl. Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), 9 Jun 2010

Coca-Cola sued in US by Guatemalans over anti-union violence including death threats & killings
Partricia Hurtado, Bloomberg, 27 Feb 2010

Guatemala: Trade union leader Víctor Gálvez murdered - had denounced labour abuses by subsidiaries of company Union Fenosa
US Labor Education in the Americas Project (USLEAP), 30 Oct 2009

Philippines: ILO hears testimonies of union leader murders, “disappearances” and other labour violations
Jerome Aning, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 23 Sep 2009

Colombia: Excerpt of book alleging bottling plants supplying Coca-Cola are linked with killings of trade unionists
Mark Thomas, Guardian (UK), 20 Sep 2008

Colombia: Amnesty Intl. highlights "systematic" attacks against trade unionists
Amnesty Intl., 3 Jul 2007

Colombia: Union representatives tell US Democrat representative they are "tired of our people being killed, of the constant abuses and the impunity"
Helda Martinez, Inter Press Service, 20 Mar 2007

Colombia: Lawsuit filed in USA against Nestlé for alleged complicity in killing of trade unionist
Jane Bussey, Miami Herald (USA), 28 Oct, 2006

Colombia Govt. urged to protect trade unionists from killings: "treat workers' rights as human rights" before US enters into free trade agreement
New York Times, 12 Jul 2006

Nestlé Philippines Union Leader Murdered - Government Must Act Now!
Intl. Union of Food workers (IUF), 26 Sep 2005

Cambodia: Trade union repression will tarnish foreign investors' image of the country, says an ICFTU report
Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), 20 Apr 2005

Colombia: 94 trade unionists assassinated last year
Justice for Colombia, 28 Feb 2005

Argentina: DaimlerChrysler sued in USA over alleged role in disappearance, torture & presumed death of workers & union leaders
Pablo Bachelet, Reuters, 14 Jan 2004

Acting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for investigation into killing of Cambodian trade union leader
Acting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, 26 Jan 2004

DaimlerChrysler announces external inquiry into claims its subsidiaries handed over union activists to Argentina's military dictatorship
BBC, 28 Oct 2002

Colombia: United Steelworkers of America president writes to Coca-Cola & Colombian president calling for investigations into murder of trade unionist
Pittsburgh Business Times (USA), 6 Sep 2002

Latin America: A record number of trade unionists assassinated
Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), 18 Jun 2002

Union rights in the Middle East: a gloomy and repressive picture
Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), 18 Jun 2002


Colombia: Un sindicalista de industria de cerveza asesinado y otro más amenazado por supuestos paramilitares; campaña internacional por su protección
Rel-UITA, 15 enero 2014

Colombia: Justicia colombiana sentencia a ex-contratista de Drummond por asesinato de dos sindicalistas en el 2001, y ordena investigar a dirigentes de la empresa
Associated Press, 6 febrero, 2013

ONG & sindicato presentan una demanda penal en Suiza contra Nestlé por supuestamente no haber prevenido el homicidio de sindicalista colombiano
European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), 6 marzo 2012


Guatemala: Asesinato de sindicalista bananero, ocurrido en el contexto de reclamos a empresa Bandegua- Del Monte
Confederación Sindical Internacional (CSI), 09 febrero 2012

Colombia debe garantizar justicia frente a violencia antisindical
José Miguel Vivanco, Human Rights Watch, 3 Oct 2011

Colombia: Asesinan a dirigente de trabajadores subcontratados de Ecopetrol
Federación Internacional de Sindicatos de la Química, Energía, Minas e Industrias Diversas (ICEM), 2 octubre 2011

Informe anual de la Confederación Sindical Internacional muestra panorama de represión de los derechos sindicales y las libertades económicas en el mundo entero
Confederación Sindical Internacional (CSI), 8 junio 2011

Colombia: Sindicato denuncia asesinato de ex dirigente que trabajaba para subsidiaria de Nestlé, y llama a la empresa a colaborar con las investigaciones
SINALTRAINAL (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria de Alimentos)(Colombia), 3 mayo 2011

Colombia: Ex-contratista de Drummond es acusado como autor intelectual del asesinato de sindicalistas de esa empresa
Associated Press, 26 abril 2011

Guatemala: Obispo condena asesinato de defensor de derechos humanos que había denunciado injusticias en subsidiaria de Unión Fenosa
Radio Vaticano, 2 noviembre 2009

Colombia: Informe de Amnistía destaca agresiones "sistemáticas" contra sindicalistas
Amnistía Internacional, 3 julio 2007

Camboya: mayor represión sindical tras finalizar el sistema de cupos para el sector textil
Confederación Internacional de Organizaciones Sindicales Libres (CIOSL), 20 abril 2005

Demandan a DaimlerChrysler en EEUU por abusos en Argentina
Reuters, 14 enero 2004

América Latina: índice récord de asesinatos
Confederación Sindical Internacional (CSI), 18 junio 2002


Afrique du Sud: Plusieurs grévistes tués par la police lors d'une manifestation à la mine de platine de Lonmin
Le nouvel Observateur (France), 16 août 2012

Suisse : Associations européennes & colombiennes déposent plainte auprès du Ministère public de Zoug contre Nestlé concernant le meurtre d’un syndicaliste colombien
European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), 6 mars 2012

La Colombie est l'un des endroits les plus dangereux du monde pour les syndicalistes
Amnesty Intl., 3 juillet 2007

Un dirigeant syndical de Nestlé assassiné aux Philippines – le gouvernement doit agir maintenant!
Union internationale des travailleurs de l’alimentation, de l’agriculture, de l’hôtellerie- restauration, du tabac et des branches connexes (UITA), 28 septembre 2005

Amérique latine: taux record d'assassinats
Confédération internationale des syndicats libres (CISL), 18 juin 2002

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3 August 2014

Switzerland's highest court rejects case against Nestlé over alleged indirect responsibility in death of Colombian trade unionist

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15 January 2014
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Author: Rel-UITA

Ever Luis Marín Rolong, dirigente regional del sindicato de trabajadores cerveceros Sinaltraceba fue asesinado el 4 de enero por pistoleros sin identificar, que le dispararon seis veces cuando esperaba un autobús en la ciudad de Soledad. Al día...

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14 January 2014

Guatemala: Member of Young Trade Unionists’ Network Murdered in Quetzaltenango

Author: International Trade Union Confederation

The ITUC has firmly condemned the killing of Marlon Dagoberto Vásquez López, aged just 19. Marlon played an active role in the young trade unionists’ network in Quetzaltenango and was a member of the construction and service workers’ union SINCSG ...

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2 May 2013

Swiss prosecutors close Colombian widow's case against Nestle

Author: AFP

Swiss prosecutors…closed a lawsuit by a Colombian woman accusing Swiss food giant Nestle of indirect responsibility for the murder of her union-worker husband. The woman had filed her suit on March 5, 2012, charging that Nestle and its leadership were...

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19 April 2013

No letup in anti-union pressure in Colombia

Author: Intl. Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

…[T]hreats [have been] issued to 92 organisations and leaders defending human, political and labour rights. The activists were slandered and declared "enemies and permanent military targets" for having "attacked the government’s good and noble...

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6 February 2013
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Author: Associated Press

Un juzgado penal condenó…a un ex contratista de la…Drummond como autor intelectual del asesinato de dos sindicalistas…en 2001…En su fallo, el juez…también condenó a Jaime Blanco Maya a pagar una multa…[por el] homicidio agravado y concierto para...

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9 September 2012

Fighting for Bangladesh Labor, and Ending Up in Pauper’s Grave [Bangladesh]

Author: Jim Yardley, New York Times

…Mr. Islam, a labor organizer…disappeared April 4. Days later, his family discovered that he had been tortured and killed. His murder bore a grim familiarity in a country with a brutal legacy of politically motivated killings, and it raised a troubling...

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16 August 2012
+ Français - Hide

Author: Le nouvel Observateur [France]

Plusieurs mineurs grévistes ont été tués jeudi lors d'un violent affrontement avec la police à la mine de platine de Lonmin à Marikana en Afrique du Sud, où des violences liées à un conflit social avaient déjà fait 10 morts depuis dimanche...Le...

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1 May 2012

General Secretary of Colombian Sugar Cane Cutters’ union assassinated

Author: National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) [Canada]

Daniel Aguirre Piedrahita, the General Secretary of Colombia’s Nation Union of Sugar Cane Cutters (SINALCORTEROS)…was assassinated on April 27…The Colombian government has condemned the killing. Deputy Minister of Labour David Luna Sanchez supported...

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7 March 2012

[DOC] Nestlé response re suit alleging its complicity in murder of Colombian trade unionist

Author: Nestlé

We condemn any form of violence and reject any accusations that attempt to link Nestlé to violent acts. We categorically reject the allegations of the plaintiffs and the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights and will mount a vigorous...

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