Torture & ill-treatment


Colombian union leader files suit against BP in US court alleging he was tortured by death squads hired by company
Ryan Abbot, Courthouse News Services, 28 Feb 2012
      full text of complaint
      Terry Collingsworth, Conrad & Scherer LLP, 24 Feb 2012

US appeals court rules lawsuit against Daimler over alleged abuses against union workers during Argentine "Dirty War" can be heard in US court, includes allegations of “disappearances”

Jonathan Stempel, Reuters, 18 May 2011
      Bauman, et al. v. DaimlerChrysler Corporation, et al. - Opinion
      US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 18 May 2011

Colombia: Executives, employees of oil company Ocensa under investigation for alleged kidnapping, torture of union leader
Manuela Kuehr, Colombia Reports, 9 Dec 2010

Guatemala: Coca-Cola Hit with New Charges of Murder, Rape, Torture
Grassroots Net, 1 Mar 2010

Nigeria: Workers allege 'inhuman treatment', use of underage labour and ban on unionisation at Lee Group - includes company response
Business Day (Nigeria), 5 Jun 2008

Argentina: Allegations against Ford for abuses during the military dictatorship (1976-1983)
Compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, 2006-2007

Colombia: Lawsuit filed in USA against Nestlé for alleged complicity in torture & killing of trade unionist
Jane Bussey, Miami Herald (USA), 28 Oct, 2006

Guatemala: Rape of girl on coffee farm, allegedly as part of trade union repression, clouds CAFTA negotiations
Frank Jack Daniel, Reuters, 29 Jul 2004


Avanza en EE.UU. causa abierta contra Mercedes-Benz por su supuesta implicación en desapariciones de obreros durante la dictadura en Argentina
Terra Actualidad – EFE, 21 abril 2008

Demanda presentada en Argentina contra Ford por ex-empleados que dicen que fueron secuestrados y torturados en las instalaciones de la empresa durante la dictadura militar (1976-1983)
Compilado por el Centro de Información sobre Empresas y Derechos Humano, 24 abril 2007

Demandan a DaimlerChrysler en EEUU por abusos en Argentina
Reuters, 14 enero 2004

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28 February 2012

Union Leader Blames BP for His Torture

Author: Ryan Abbot, Courthouse News Services

An oil worker and union leader claims right-wing death squads kidnapped and tortured him in Colombia at the behest of...BP. Gilberto Edgar Torres Martinez...sued BP in Federal Court. Torres claims BP recklessly hired the paramilitary thugs to protect...

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24 February 2012

[PDF] Gilberto Edgar Torres Martinez v BP

Author: Terry Collingsworth, Conrad & Scherer LLP the victim of grave mistreatment, including torture, at the hands of paramilitary forces linked to...BP...To protect its interests, BP...paid the CNA [Colombian National Army] and local police to provide security...Paramilitary forces...

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18 May 2011

Daimler must face Argentina abuse lawsuit in US

Author: Jonathan Stempel, Reuters

Daimler AG was ordered on Wednesday to face a U.S. lawsuit alleging it participated in the kidnapping, torture and death of Mercedes-Benz workers in Argentina's "Dirty War" three decades ago. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals...

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18 May 2011

[PDF] Bauman, et al. v. DaimlerChrysler Corporation, et al. - Opinion

Author: US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Plaintiffs-Appellants (the “plaintiffs”), twenty-two Argentinian residents, bring suit against DaimlerChrysler Aktiengesellschaft (DCAG) alleging that one of DCAG’s subsidiaries, Mercedes-Benz Argentina (MBA) collaborated with state security forces to...

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9 December 2010

Oil company Ocensa investigated for paramilitary ties

Author: Manuela Kuehr, Colombia Reports

Several executives of the multinational oil company Ocensa are under investigation in connection with the kidnapping of a unionist and their alleged ties to paramilitaries, Noticias Uno reported Thursday. Unionist Gilberto Edgar Torres Martinez was...

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11 May 2008

Lee Group and abuse of Nigerian workers

Author: Editorial, Business Day [Nigeria]

Barely one week after May Day celebrations...workers of Lee Group of Companies in [Nigeria] raised an alarm over abuses and inhuman treatment meted out to them by to the president of the [National Union of Chemical, Footwears,...

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21 April 2008
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Author: Terra Actualidad - EFE

La causa abierta contra…Mercedes-Benz [parte de Daimler] por su supuesta implicación en la desaparición de varias personas durante la última dictadura militar en Argentina (1973-1986) comenzará este año en Estados Unidos…[L]a periodista alemana...

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29 July 2004

Guatemala farm rape clouds free trade debate

Author: Frank Jack Daniel, Reuters

[Guatemala] The 15-year-old told police she was washing clothes with her younger brother on the Maria Lourdes farm in southern Guatemala on July 6 when they were attacked by masked gunmen, who beat them both and raped her...Amnesty International says...

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14 January 2004
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Author: Reuters

Según la demanda, presentada en un tribunal federal de California por los familiares de las víctimas, varios ejecutivos de la planta de González-Catán de Mercedes Benz Argentina, en la provincia de Buenos Aires, colaboraron entre 1976 y 1977 en la...

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