USA: Walmart files unfair labour practice charge with National Labor Relations Board in attempt to stop planned strikes
Heather Tooley,, 17 Nov 2012

Walmart workers launch 1st ever strike - they demand end to retaliations against workers trying to organise -Includes company response
Amy Goodman, Southern (USA) 14 Oct 2012

US National Labor Relations Board rules Tesco violated labour laws by requiring employees to hand out fliers to customers apologising for inconvenience caused by union protesters
Labor Relations Board, 25 Jun 2012

So. Africa: Walmart responds to trade union federation Cosatu saying it will respect So. Africa labour laws if it enters the country
JP du Plessis, Eye Witness News (So. Africa), 28 Sep 2010

USA: Walmart and union jointly support govt. plan to require employers to provide health insurance for workers
Janet Adamy & Ann Zimmerman, Wall Street Journal, 2 Jul 2009

Philippines: Labour rights orgs. denounce police attacks on striking workers & their dismissals by factory producing clothes for Walmart
Maquila Solidarity Network, 1 Nov 2006

UK: Asda fined £850,000 for discriminating against union members
, 10 Feb 2006

Asda Walmart: The Alternative Report - company has denied employees essential protection & bargaining rights
GMB & War on Want, Sep 2005

China's state-run union reacts to Walmart move to allow unions at its China operations
Cui Qingxin Xinhua, China View, 25 Nov 2004

China: Walmart's union ban draws heat
Standard (China), 21 Oct 2004

Thailand: Sub-contractor of Samsonite reinstates workers and gives assurance it will not “interfere with trade union activities”
Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), 16 Sep 2001

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14 October 2012

Workers fight for justice, from Wal-mart to chipotle [USA]

Author: Amy Goodman, Southern [USA]

[scroll down page for Wal-Mart response and other material] Wal-Mart workers launched the first strike against the giant retailer in its 50-year history, with protests and picket lines…across 12 states. Many of these nonunion workers are facing...

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25 June 2012

Tesco PLC d/b/a Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, Inc. and United Food and Commercial Workers International Union: Decision and Order

Author: National Labor Relations Board [USA]

[T]he Respondent [Tesco] distributed a flyer…apologizing to customers for any inconvenience union protesters may have caused. The…flyer…[said]:…The protesters are not our employees and have been hired by the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW)...

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27 February 2012

National Express Group’s human rights’ policy flawed says report

Author: Unite & Teamsters

A new report…highlights serious flaws in the National Express Group’s human rights policy. The report, ‘National Express Group’s Diminution of Labor Rights in the U.S,’ starkly concludes that the company’s policy enables it to continue anti-union...

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28 September 2010

Walmart promises to honour SA labour laws

Author: Eyewitness News [So. Africa]

...Walmart...has made an offer to buy Massmart, which represents brands like Game, Dion Wired and Builders Warehouse. However, trade union federation Cosatu has criticised the potential buyer, saying the company is a bad employer with no respect for...

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2 July 2009

Wal-Mart Backs Drive to Make Companies Pay for Health Coverage [USA]

Author: Janet Adamy & Ann Zimmerman, Wall Street Journal

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Tuesday told the White House that it supports requiring employers to provide health insurance to workers…We are for an employer mandate which is fair and broad in its coverage," said the letter, signed by Wal-Mart Chief Executive...

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1 November 2006

Wal-Mart factory workers assaulted, fired for going on strike

Author: Maquila Solidarity Network

Workers producing clothes for Wal-Mart at the Korean-owned Chong Won Fashion garment factory in the Philippines...[are facing] their employers’ attempt to destroy their union through violence, mass firings and intimidation. On September 27, a combined...

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10 February 2006

Asda faces £850,000 tribunal cost [UK]

Author: BBC News

Supermarket giant Asda [part of Wal-Mart] discriminated against trade union members, an employment tribunal has ruled... The company was found to be in breach of trade union legislation and faces paying out £850,000 in total - up to £2,500 to each of...

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1 October 2005

[PDF] Asda Wal-Mart - The Alternative Report

Author: War on Want & GMB (Britain's General Union)

Wal-Mart’s relentless pursuit of the lowest possible prices has taken a heavy toll on its employees and suppliers. Workers in Wal-Mart stores and distribution centres have seen their rights violated as a result of cost cutting, while the company’s...

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23 October 2004

Wal-Mart union ban draws heat [China]

Author: Olivia Chung, The Standard [China]

Wal-Mart, Kodak and other major American corporations are coming under fire in the mainland for ignoring the country's labour laws by forbidding their employees to set up trade unions...[also refers to Dell, Samsung, McDonald's, KFC (part of YUM!)]

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16 September 2002

A victory for trade union solidarity in Thailand

Author: International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

Following a sustained global trade union campaign, the final 29 workers sacked illegally from a ‘Light House Industry’ factory in Thailand have been reinstated...the Light-House Industry (a sub-contractor of US luggage giant Samsonite) also gave...

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