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The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is at a critical point in its development. Our digital platform is home to a wealth of information on business and human rights, but hasn’t had a visual refresh for a number of years.

We will soon be updating the site to improve its usability and better serve the thousands of people that use our site to support their work.

Please take an advance peek at our new look, and let us know what you think!

Thank you,
Alex Guy, Digital Officer

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Further to our 26 Jun Update: Chinese National Petroleum Corporation responds to alleged human rights impacts of Shwe natural gas & Myanmar-China oil transport projects.

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Author: 中國石油天然氣集團

14 May 2017

Commentary: Responsible investment requires more than a few CSR programs: Lessons for Chinese Outbound Investors

Author: Jinmei Liu, EarthRights International

"Responsible Investment Requires More than a Few Corporate Social Responsibility Programs: Lessons for Chinese Outbound Investors", 4 May 2017

…Chinese investors…must understand that the meaning of responsible investment is much more than a few corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.For the China-Myanmar oil and gas pipelines project, CNPC…has spent lavishly on CSR programs, which includes building schools and clinics in communities and bringing electricity to the community…but due to a lack of doctors, nurses, and medicine, the benefits to local communities are very limited…[T]he project [itself] has had tremendous negative environmental and social costs on the local communities along the pipeline route… More than 100 villages have been affected. [T]he most significant issue generally, concerns land…Myanmar China Pipeline Watch Committee and other local civil society organizations (CSOs) along the pipeline have tried to meet with the representatives of CNPC based in Mandalay many times, but had been rejected for different reasons. Recently, there have been regular meetings due to the election of NLD. Difficulties in engagement and communication are common problems with Chinese investors.

 ...Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd. [joint-venture of CNPC & SINOPEC]…operates in [Ecuador] Andes Petroleum signed an exploration and development contract for two more oil blocks…[which] overlap with the territory of the Sápara indigenous people...The indigenous people in this region are strongly opposed to any plans for oil development and vow to resist and stop these projects…According to the CNPC, it commits to “obeying the laws and regulations of the countries where we operate and fully respecting local customs…”…[but the company’s] site lacks information about each project the company operates, the corporate structure and board members, or even general updates.

…As these two projects in Myanmar and Ecuador demonstrate, for Chinese investors, CSR translates to building schools and clinics and giving donations. But this is insufficient. Both projects discussed in this post have conducted CSR programs but have largely ignored more pressing issues, such as land compensation, safety concerns, environmental issues, indigenous rights, transparency, and climate change. 

…We strongly suggest that CNPC…adopt and operationalize policies and grievance mechanisms that meet the UN Guiding Principles. This would be a powerful indicator that CNPC takes seriously its role as a responsible international investor, and would go much further than its limited CSR programs have.

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Author: 國際地球權利(EarthRights International)

[企業責任資源中心提供的中文翻譯] "Responsible Investment Requires More than a Few Corporate Social Responsibility Programs: Lessons for Chinese Outbound Investors", 2017年5月4日

…中國投資者…必須明白,盡責投資的含義遠不是一些企業社會責任(CSR)項目就可以涵蓋……就中國-緬甸油氣管道項目而言,中石油……在企業社會責任項目上已經花費了大量的資金,這些項目包括在社區修建學校和診所,以及為社區供電…但由於缺乏醫護人員和藥品,當地社區的獲益十分有限…項目[本身]給管道沿線的社區帶來了巨大的負面環境和社會成本……100多個村莊受到影響。最突出的問題通常…涉及到土地…緬甸中國管道觀察委員會(Myanmar China Pipeline Watch Committee)和其他管道沿線的地方民間社會組織(CSOs)已多次嘗試與中石油駐緬甸的代表會面,但均被公司方以不同理由加以回絕。近來,由於緬甸全國民主聯盟(NLD)的當選,雙方舉行了定期的會談。難與中國投資者接洽和溝通是普遍存在的問題。

厄瓜多爾安第斯石油有限公司 (Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd.)[中石油和中石化的合資子公司]……在(厄瓜多爾)運營的安第斯石油公司簽署了有關兩個新增石油區塊的勘探開發合同 …(石油區塊)與Sápara土著人的領地重疊…該地區的土著人民強烈反對任何石油開發計劃,並誓言抵制和阻止這些項目…根據中石油所述,該公司承諾 “…遵守運營所在地國的法律和法規,充分尊重當地習俗…”…[但公司的]運營地並沒有關於公司開展的每個項目、公司結構以及董事會成員的相關介紹,或是連信息的一般更新也沒有。



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Author: 国际地球权利 (EarthRights International)

[企业责任资源中心提供的中文翻译] "Responsible Investment Requires More than a Few Corporate Social Responsibility Programs: Lessons for Chinese Outbound Investors", 2017年5月4日

…中国投资者…必须明白,尽责投资的含义远不是一些企业社会责任(CSR)项目就可以涵盖……就中国-缅甸油气管道项目而言,中石油……在企业社会责任项目上已经花费了大量的资金,这些项目包括在社区修建学校和诊所,以及为社区供电…但由于缺乏医护人员和药品,当地社区的获益十分有限…项目[本身]给管道沿线的社区带来了巨大的负面环境和社会成本……100多个村庄受到影响。最突出的问题通常…涉及到土地…缅甸中国管道观察委员会(Myanmar China Pipeline Watch Committee)和其他管道沿线的地方民间社会组织(CSOs)已多次尝试与中石油驻缅甸的代表会面,但均被公司方以不同理由加以回绝。近来,由于缅甸全国民主联盟(NLD)的当选,双方举行了定期的会谈。难与中国投资者接洽和沟通是普遍存在的问题。

厄瓜多尔安第斯石油有限公司(Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd.)[中石油和中石化的合资子公司]……在(厄瓜多尔)运营的安第斯石油公司签署了有关两个新增石油区块的勘探开发合同…(石油区块)与Sápara土著人的领地重叠…该地区的土著人民强烈反对任何石油开发计划,并誓言抵制和阻止这些项目…根据中石油所述,该公司承诺“…遵守运营所在地国的法律和法规,充分尊重当地习俗…”…[但公司的]运营地并没有关于公司开展的每个项目、公司结构以及董事会成员的相关介绍,或是连信息的一般更新也没有。




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