G20 finance ministers back OECD plans to tackle corporate tax avoidance

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20 July 2013

G20 backs plan to stop global tax avoidance and evasion

Author: BBC News

Finance ministers from the G20 group of leading nations have formally backed plans to tackle international tax avoidance and evasion. A statement...supports the automatic exchange of tax information between countries. It also backs plans by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development to stop firms moving their profits across borders to avoid taxes...The G20...finance ministers said they "fully endorse the OECD proposal for a truly global model" of information sharing. Their statement called on all countries to make automatic information sharing a reality "without further delay", adding that "capacity-building support" would be provided for poorer nations. The G20 said the changes should be in place within two years...[refers to Google, Starbucks, Amazon, Apple]

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24 January 2013

Tax avoidance - an introduction

Author: compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

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