Gender Consultant at Global Witness

Global Witness is a dynamic international organisation that investigates and campaigns to prevent natural resource-related conflict and corruption and associated environmental and human rights abuses.  We collect irrefutable evidence through our investigations and combine it with powerful advocacy to force change.

Global Witness is committed to gender equality both in the workplace and through the delivery of campaigns.  Global Witnesses recognises the importance of gender equality in conflict discourse and the fact that conflict, corruption and a lack of access to natural resources disproportionately impacts upon the most disadvantaged in society.

To this extent, Global Witness has committed to assess and develop its own internal practices and benefits in regards to gender mainstreaming.  The process will include a comprehensive overview of the organisation’s efforts to promote gender equality, including an understanding of the make-up of its staff and their experience at Global Witness, HR policies and benefits, fundraising activities, financial resources, and campaigning work.

This has been envisioned as a two-step process, employing both quantitative and qualitative auditing methods.  The first stage will focus on establishing an initial baseline of Global Witness’ internal gender-specific practices and benefits, as well as recommendations for improvements.  The second stage will focus on responding to gaps identified, as well as evaluating how best to incorporate a gender perspective into both the development and delivery of Global Witness’ campaigns.

This has been designed as a consultative process with Global Witness staff and might require the establishment of a Gender Working Group from within the organisation to assist the process.

The proposed approach is outlined below, however, we are open to considering other methodologies and approaches.

First stage - internal audit

  1. Examine the staff balance across the organisation and the types of jobs that people of different genders hold.
  2. Assess the extent to which application of a gender perspective has been understood and internalised by staff and the support services that are in place to assist them.
  3. Understand the experience of staff working in the organisation, with regard to gender equality.
  4. Examine human resources policies and benefits across the organisation from a gender perspective.

Second stage – application of a gender perspective

  1. Assess the financial and human resources allocated to incorporation of a gender perspective into the organisation’s activities.
  2. Set up an initial baseline of the organisation’s performance on gender equality with a mechanism to measure progress once this process is complete.
  3. Identify gaps in gender that need to be filled and set up an action plan and strategies to help do so.
  4. Build understanding of what gender means for the organisation’s work and assess the ability of incorporating it into external campaigns. 


  • Produce a detailed plan for the audit, which includes the activities to be undertaken, the methodology adopted and time frame proposed. 
  • Produce a report of the key findings at the end of the consultancy, including an executive summary, baseline survey, existing gaps, and recommendations.
  • Produce an action plan for implementation of recommendations.


The consultancy would be carried out in our London office and remotely with our DC office.  Global Witness would like the first stage to take place in May 2015.  

Qualifications and Experience: 

  • A relevant social sciences degree 
  • Significant experience in areas of gender auditing and implementation of a gender perspective in the NGO sector, particularly in international development.
  • An understanding of campaigning organisations would be desirable.
    Proven track-record and experience in gender-related work.
  • Excellent command of written and oral English.
  • Understanding of Global Witness’ work.

Expression of Interest:

Please submit an expression of interest for the role of Gender Auditor/Consultant to Christine Oram by April 8. [email protected]

The proposal should outline your understanding of the audit and your proposed methodology (no more than five pages), your cv and a cover letter that details relevant experience and qualifications.

Job title: Gender Consultant

Location: London

Closing date: 8 April 2015