German Advisory Council on Global Change recommends Govt. support lawsuits filed by individuals against large-scale emitters

Author: WBGU German Advisory Council on Global Change, Published on: 4 September 2018

"Just & In-Time Climate Policy: Four Initiatives for a Fair Transformation", August 2018

The WBGU recommends that the German Federal Government should support lawsuits filed by individuals against large-scale emitters... [U]p to now, such opportunities for filing lawsuits have not been exploited to their full potential...[L]awsuits filed against companies by people who have been harmed by climate change can contribute towards realizing a just & in-time transformation. A development of the law in this area is urgently needed. Furthermore, lawsuits can also be a trigger and driver for the long-term establishment of mechanisms to ensure just compensation for those affected by climate change... In the WBGU’s opinion, countries with high emissions where large-scale emitters are based have a particular obligation to enable people harmed by climate change to file court lawsuits for preventive measures or damages. Germany should take the initiative here, both nationally and internationally... [also refers to BP, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell and RWE]

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