German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles & Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments & Textile sign cooperation agreement to support co's in implementing due diligence

Author: Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands, Published on: 30 January 2018

The German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles and the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile signed a cooperation agreement. The core objective is to support companies in implementing due diligence by harmonizing sustainability requirements. In addition, member companies will work on joint projects to improve working conditions in risk areas and benefit from shared knowledge and support by both secretariats. Additionally, cooperation in working with local stakeholders such as producers, governments, trade unions and NGOs will increase the joint leverage...

The heart of the cooperation will be the opportunity for an associated membership, which will allow member companies to participate in both initiatives... In order to join the Dutch AGT, members of the German Textiles Partnership will have to submit a list of their production locations of direct suppliers to the Dutch secretariat. They also accept being subject to the AGT complaint mechanism for third parties. For an associated membership to the German Textiles Partnership, members of the Dutch AGT will have to publish their action plans and progress reports on the website of the German Partnership.

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