Germany: CEO initiative encourages companies to facilitate integration of migrants

Author: Patrick McGee, Financial Times, Published on: 12 January 2017

“German billionaire rallies business to migrant cause”, 8 January 2017

…As Germany grapples with the consequences of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy, the role that the country’s powerful corporate sector will play in…integrating migrants has become increasingly apparent…[A] survey found that Germany’s leading companies had hired only 54 refugees in full-time jobs. Ralph Dommermuth,...chief executive of United Internet…came up with the idea of a platform for corporate Germany to pool resources and help to integrate migrants... The initiative, called Wir Zusammen, or We Together, was founded…with 36 companies, including Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bank…[and] has grown to 150 companies, including…international companies such as Google, McDonald’s and Procter & Gamble…[It] encourages companies to share efforts in getting migrants jobs and apprenticeships, language training, housing or even to play the odd football match…Mr Dommermuth acknowledges that few full-time jobs have been created. But he says integration and training are important first steps…A Wir Zusammen advertising campaign…encourage[s]…to view migrants as potential partners, not threats…

[Also refers to: ThyssenKrupp]

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