Gilead’s model to enhance availability of anti-AIDS drug [India]

Author: Murali Krishnan, Sindh Today , Published on: 22 February 2009

American bio-pharmaceutical major Gilead, that has entered into generic licensing deals with 10 Indian pharma firms to distribute its HIV drug Viread, is all set to roll out its key anti-AIDS drugs at affordable prices in India and 94 other resource-limited countries through its unique licensing model…“The policy of allowing these companies to compete amongst each other will drive prices down…” [said] Gregg Alton, Gilead’s senior vice president…“Availability of…Viread at an affordable price is likely to greatly benefit India’s AIDS-afflicted”…This is being considered a very welcome move by patient groups and NGOs, who were earlier opposing a patent in India for Viread. [also refers to Cipla]

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