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6 September 2019

Hong Kong protestor site accused Baidu and Qihoo of cyber attacks; cybersecurity expert said attacks initiated by Chinese websites were unlikely

Author: Jane Li, Quartz

“A Hong Kong protester site says cyber attacks against it piggy-backed off China’s Baidu”, 2 September 2019...

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21 February 2017

USA: Allegations against Uber for mishandling sexual harassment claims highlight widespread problem in tech industry

Author: Megan Rose Dickey, Tech Crunch (USA)

"Uber is not the only tech company that mishandles sexual harassment claims", 20 Feb 2017...

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28 March 2015

Ellen Pao lawsuit loss will not slow fight for gender equality in Silicon Valley

Author: Susie Cagle, Guardian (UK)

…Despite the verdict [in Kleiner’s favour], Pao and other women in the tech industry remained defiant, hinting at more fights to come in their efforts to level the playing field. While Pao’s trial was under way, former employees at Twitter and...

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17 March 2014

GitHub puts co-founder on leave after harassment claims [USA]

Author: Dara Kerr, (USA) Julie Ann Horvath...detailed the sexism she said she experienced at GitHub...the company has put the alleged offenders on leave...During the two years Horvath worked at GitHub...she...experienced sexism...[S]he was also allegedly...

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