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Global Climate Strike: Millions including workers & students to strike in support for climate justice (20 Sep)

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23 September 2019

#UniteBehindTheScience calls for an urgent just transiton to a net-zero economy

Author: Global Witness, Amnesty Intl, ITUC, Global Call to Action Against Poverty, Civicus, Avaaz, Oxfam, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, 350.org, Greenpeace

Young leaders including Greta Thunberg and others have called on people of all ages to join them in supporting this action: We have heard the call. Young people have inspired us with their vision, courage and clarity. We call on our staff, and – where they can do so without facing unacceptable consequences – our members, partners and supporters to do the same.

No young person should be denied the right to freedom of association, expression and peaceful assembly in taking action for human survival

It’s time we all #UniteBehindTheScience and accelerate a just transition to a thriving net-zero emissions economy, one that advances everyone’s human rights, protects nature, safeguards jobs and increases equality.

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19 September 2019

Commentary: Unions must join the Global Climate Strike to avert a climate catastrophe

Author: Ruwan Sabasinghe & Jeff Vogt, Equal Times

"Unions must join the Global Climate Strike to avert a climate catastrophe", 5 September 2019

… [G]roups like the youth-led #FridaysforFuture movement and…Extinction Rebellion... are calling on workers to join... the third wave of global climate strikes. While some trade unions have... plans for lunch break actions and workplace climate assemblies, most are constrained...

Unions... [in certain] jurisdictions will find it difficult to formally join... as the purpose of the action... falls outside the strict scope of collective bargaining or a trade dispute... [W]here strikes in furtherance of socio-economic aims are permitted, unions will nevertheless need to win the argument that climate change is a socio-economic issue...

The International Labour Organization’s... Committee on Freedom of Association... has consistently held that workers may engage in collective action... outside of the collective bargaining process... While it has not yet had occasion to consider a climate strike… there is no issue today that has a more direct, immediate and serious impact on the world of work than the climate emergency...

[T]he ILO has explained that climate change... will have a serious impact on employment in all sectors and in all regions... [including] significant climate-driven migration for work, dangerous working conditions from extreme heat, job loss in rural areas due to crop failure and... in urban areas due to extreme weather events...

…[A] new field of ‘just transition’ law may be a way to bridge the fields of labour and environmental law... We... also propose…the recognition of the right to strike in cases where an employer engages in activity which is demonstrably harmful to the environment…

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18 September 2019

Google Workers to Walk out, Along With Amazon and Microsoft Employees, for Sept. 20’s Climate Strike

Author: Alyssa Newcomb, Fortune (USA)

Google employees have announced they are joining their big tech counterparts at Amazon and Microsoft in walking off the job on Sept. 20 to participate in the global climate strike. The climate change protests are set to take place on Friday in 150 countries around the world, sending a message to leaders who are set to meet Monday, Sept. 23 for the 2019 Climate Action Summit. A second wave of protests is also scheduled for Sept. 27...As of Monday afternoon, 1,235 Amazon employees are planning to participate in the climate action walkout on Friday, marking the first major moment that workers have left their jobs at the Seattle headquarters during Amazon's 25-year history as a company...The Amazon employees are hoping to put pressure on their company to use its tremendous money and power to act with even more urgency when it comes to addressing climate issues. Their list of demands include piloting electric vehicles first in areas that are most affected by pollution created by Amazon, committing to zero emissions by 2030, cutting custom Amazon Web Services contracts for fossil fuel companies, and withholding donations to politicians and lobbyists who don't believe in climate change...A statement from Amazon touted a variety of sustainability initiatives the company has taken to help "reduce the sources of human-induced climate change."..

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18 September 2019

Over 100 companies to participate in global climate strike

Author: Adele Peters, Fast Company

Patagonia...is one of a handful of retailers—including Lush, Burton, and Ben and Jerry’s—that will close stores temporarily during the Global Climate Strike, a youth-led week of protests beginning with several demonstrations on September 20. Burton, for example, will shut down sales on its website for 24 hours, redirecting customers to the Global Climate Strike homepage. It will also turn its physical stores into a community gathering space before and after marches and give employees paid time off to join demonstrations. Ben and Jerry’s shops will be closed during the strike (or delay opening), the company’s offices will close, and manufacturing will slow down so that factory workers can participate in the strike. Seventh Generation is donating its commercial airtime for the week to youth climate strikers. Hundreds of others are participating in the “digital climate strike,” adding banners about the strike to their website and taking other actions online. [See article for full list]

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12 September 2019

'We Must Be Bolder Than Ever': Labor Federation Representing 30 Million Workers Calls on All Unions to Join Global Climate Strike

Author: Jake Johnson, Common Dreams

To combat the common and false perception of the labor movement as an opponent of the fight for climate justice rather than an enthusiastic and necessary ally, a labor federation representing over 30 million workers from 152 countries is calling on unions around the world to join—or do everything they can to support—the millions of people set to take to the streets on Sept. 20 for the youth-led global climate strikes. "Public Services International (PSI)—the global union federation of workers in public services—is calling on our affiliates and unions across the world to do all in our power to support the week of action on climate..Pavanelli said the Sept. 20 strikes, and the broader push for transformative climate action, represent a historic chance to revitalize the labor movement and build the kind of broad coalition capable of defeating the powerful corporate forces standing in the way of necessary change...Major unions like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)—which represents nearly two million workers in the U.S. and Canada—and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) have also backed the youth-led climate strikes, which will kick off a week of action coinciding with the United Nations Summit on Climate Change on Sept. 23rd in New York.

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