Global Corporate Social Responsibility Forum: China - "Global Responsibility, Harmony Society" - Best Responsible Enterprises 2005

Author: Sina [China], Published on: 22 February 2006

[Original article in Chinese. Title translation, and following summary of the article's key points, provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.]
The forum organised by China News Weekly was held in Beijing on 22 Feb 2006 to reward socially responsible businesses. The awardees include: Baosteel Group for its endeavour in keeping industrial accidents in 2005 to 0.411%, in basic education promotion and other charity projects; Cosco for the set-up of a 100RMB foundation for poverty alleviation; HP for promoting recyclable consumables and its support to basic education schemes in many rural areas; Shell for its environmental protection measures; Ping An of China for donating insurance coverage to International Red Cross for disaster relief, and for basic education and other charity projects; Nokia for supporting cultural development and preservation in China; Bayer for promoting public health and the prevention of HIV/AIDS; General Electric for donating US$2.8 million to China Community Chest; RGM International for its support in community development and basic education promotion work; and BASF for implementing sustainable development principles in its operations.

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