Global private security industry booms

Author: Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service, Published on: 7 July 2011

A booming private security industry...deploys...20 million armed personnel worldwide: twice the number of police officers, according to the annual 2011 Small Arms Survey...[T]he study says regulation and accountability mechanisms have not kept up with the growth of the private security industry...United Nations Working Group has been trying to rein in the widespread human rights abuses by these private military and security companies (PMSCs). A draft International Convention on the Regulation, Surveillance and Monitoring of PMSCs has already been discussed by more than 150 academics and non-governmental organisations...worldwide. The proposed draft, which spells out legislative oversight and judicial measures to punish private security firms for any unlawful acts, has also been submitted to member states for their comments...Some...companies have been accused of advising the Central Intelligence Agency...on torture and body-guarding techniques, and also trained police forces in torture techniques. [refers to ArmorGroup (part of G4S), Dyncorp, EOD Technology, KBR, Kulak Construction, Prime Projects International, PWC Logistics, Global Risks Solutions, Mitchell Jessen & Associates, Shaw Group, Sallyport Global Services]

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