Global trade unions survey reveals global health & economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic

Author: The International Trade Union Confederation, Published on: 24 March 2020

"ITUC Global COVID-19 Survey: Half of countries in lockdown as COVID-19 pandemic wreaks health and economic havoc on working people and their families", 24 March 2020

... The global health and economic consequences of the pandemic are exposed in the first ITUC Global COVID-19 survey of 109 trade unions in 86 countries, including 28 out of 36 OECD countries and fifteen G20 countries.

In the fifteen G20 countries surveyed:

  •  Only a third... are providing employment protection for those self-isolating.
  •  Less than a third... are providing paid sick leave for all workers...
  •  24 countries are using surveillance apps to monitor individuals and the spread of the virus...

65% of countries are promoting working from home for some workers.

More than half (58%) of all governments surveyed are offering additional funding for the public health care system.

The top five policies that governments are putting in place to respond to economic impact of the virus are:

  •  Provision of free health care - 50% of countries
  •  Employment protection for those self-isolating - 34% of countries
  •  Tax relief for businesses - 31% of countries
  •  Paid sick leave for a period of self-isolation - 29% of countries
  •  Bailout funds for business or sectors - 29% of countries

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