Google will require temp workers receive $15 minimum wage & parental leave

Author: Alex Castro, The Verge, Published on: 15 April 2019

Google said... it would require its extended, non-employee workforce in the United States receive comprehensive health care coverage, a $15 minimum wage, and 12 weeks of parental leave. The move follows protests from employees and other workers... Google relies on a massive staff of temporary, vendor, and contract workers, many of whom are supplied by third parties and aren't offered the same benefits as full Google employees... Today, The Guardian reported that more than 900 employees have signed a letter supporting temporary workers whose contracts for work on Google Assistant were shortened.

... Google said it would require companies that provide temporary and vendor staff to offer health care benefits... as well as a minimum of eight paid days of sick leave...The wage requirements will go into effect at the end of [2018]... and the health care requirements will start before 2022. The Tech Workers Coalition... criticized that timeline. "Changes announced.. apply to no one working right now—but workers can't wait years to pay rent, see doctors and care for their families."... "Even when we're doing the same work as full-time employees, these jobs routinely fail to provide living wages and often offer minimal benefits," a group of those workers said in an open letter last year to Google['s] CEO... "This affects not only us, but also our families and communities."

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