Google's CEO expresses concern over potential regulation of big tech companies

Author: Carrie Mihalcik, Cnet, Published on: 14 June 2019

"Google's Sundar Pichai worries about 'unintended consequences' of regulation" 14 Jun 2019

As calls to break up large tech companies get louder, Google CEO Sundar Pichai says scrutiny is fair but that regulating technology just "for the sake of regulating it" could create problems. "I worry that if you  [do that], it has a lot of unintended consequences," Pichai [said].. " [I]f you take a technology like artificial intelligence, it will have implications for our national security and … other important areas of society." Pichai's comments [come] as Google and the rest of the tech industry face a fresh wave of scrutiny from US lawmakers and regulators. Last week, the Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department reportedly reached a new agreement, with the FTC gaining authority to review Amazon and Facebook and the Justice Department looking into Apple and Google. This deal is seen as an early step in these agencies' efforts to dig into potential anticompetitive practices..."There are many countries around the world which aspire to be the next Silicon Valley," Pichai [said]. " …[T]hey are supporting their companies, too….[W]e have to balance both. This doesn't mean you don't scrutinize large companies. But you have to balance it with the fact that you want big, successful companies as well."

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