Grace Mugabe, her 'stolen' farm and how she supplies Zimbawean milk to Nestle food giant

Author: Peta Thornycroft & Sebastien Berger, Daily Telegraph [UK], Published on: 26 September 2009

Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace, who has taken over at least six of Zimbabwe's most valuable white-owned farms since 2002, sells up to a million litres of milk a year to Nestlé.Switzerland…has...measures...against Mrs Mugabe, among which it "is forbidden to make funds available to persons mentioned, or put them, directly or indirectly, at their disposition". Nestlé denies that it has violated Swiss law…[Mrs Mugabe’s] biggest customer, according to her staff and other industry insiders, is Nestlé Zimbabwe… A spokesman at Nestlé' [said]…“Milk would be bought on a "cash on delivery" basis…Nestlé has no direct engagement whatsoever with this estate”…American and European officials said that if Nestlé was subject to their rules it would be committing a criminal offence by trading with Mrs Mugabe

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