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12 June 2003

George Heller, President & CEO, Hudson's Bay Company - Remarks to UN Global Compact Policy Dialogue on Supply Chain & Partnerships [scroll down to last item]

Author: George Heller, President & CEO, Hudson's Bay Company

We are working on establishing one common and accepted program [for retailers] to ensure consistent review of facilities compliance...we seek to establish an independent certification body...

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28 March 2003

US Department Store Joins Boycott of Burma Made Products

Author: Voice of America News

U.S.-based May Department Stores has announced that it will no longer sell products made in Burma, where the garment industry is tied to a system of modern-day slavery.

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19 March 2003

Metro 'betrayal' over Turkish union deal

Author: Union Network International

Leading German retailer Metro has been accused of "betrayal" by global union UNI for undermining an agreement reached only a few weeks ago to end union busting in its Turkish cash and carry subsidiary.

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26 February 2003

Jordan's Sweatshops: the Carrot or the Stick of US Policy?

Author: Aaron Glantz, CorpWatch

[report on working conditions in Jordan's Qualified Industrial Zones] -...more than 40 thousand workers, toiling in more than 60 factories producing solely for the US market [including Target, Wal-Mart, JC Penny]

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3 March 2002

Prison Blues; Starbucks, Nike, others profit from inmate labor [at U.S. prisons]

Author: Erica Barnett, In These Times

A partial list of companies that have worked within the prison system, directly employed prison workers, or contracted with companies that employ prison workers, either currently or in the past: Allstate, Best Western, Dell Computer, Eddie Bauer,...

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26 February 2002

Tackling risky chemicals on the high street [UK]

Author: Friends of the Earth

Ikea, the Body Shop, Co-op, Marks & Spencer and B&Q are top of the table when it comes to tackling risky chemicals in their products [worst scores: Hamleys, Focus, BHS, Somerfield; companies that did not reply: ASDA, Kwick Save, Morrisons,...

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26 February 2015

"Will a new UK law eradicate supply chain slavery?"

Author: Kieran Guilbert, Thomson Reuters

...[Forced] labor often lurks along the supply chain as a product and its individual parts are manufactured, packaged and distributed...A government-backed draft law aims to tackle exploitation by requiring businesses in Britain to disclose what...

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16 July 2014

Business & human rights discussion needs to focus more on women's rights, says report

Author: Ama Marston, Marston Consulting

"Women, Business and Human Rights: A background paper for the UN Working Group on Discrimination Against Women in Law and Practice", 7 Mar 2014 ...

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