Great Firewall of China Faces Online Rebels

Author: Howard French, New York Times, Published on: 4 February 2008

In recent months, China’s censors have tightened controls over the Internet, often blacking out sites that had no discernible political content. In the process, they have fostered a backlash, as many people who previously had little interest in politics have become active in resisting the controls... [Some] action... Du Dongjing, 38, an information technology engineer in Shanghai...sued a branch of China Telecom for contract violation because of the service provider’s unacknowledged restrictions on Web content. [His] business Web site [which was blocked] last personal finance software, and had no editorial content of any kind. When the service provider failed to explain why the link went dead, Mr. Du took the phone company to court. His lawsuit was rejected by a Shanghai court in October, but the case has been heard in appeal... Mr. Du said “...I believe that with the help of today’s Internet, the mood of the public, I can win this case. I can even make a contribution to improving Chinese democracy.”

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