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1 October 2009
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Author: GRAIN (Genetic Resources Action International)

...Les investisseurs privés ne se tournent pas vers l’agriculture pour résoudre le problème de la faim dans le monde ou éliminer la pauvreté rurale. Ce qu’ils veulent, c’est, purement et simplement, faire des bénéfices...Les investisseurs savent avec...

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1 April 2009

Report urges companies in forest sector to take the lead in resolving conflicts with local people

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1 April 2009

[PDF] Company-Led Approaches to Conflict Resolution in the Forest Sector

Author: Emma Wilson, Intl. Institute for Environment & Development, for The Forests Dialogue

This discussion paper explores the potential for addressing conflict in the forest sector through the use of company-led tools and mechanisms... The paper offers examples of tools and approaches that are being employed by companies and non-industry...

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