Greece: Seafarer Anastasios Nakis goes missing onboard EFShipping vessel; includes company response

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Company response
22 February 2016

Response by EF Shipping Co.

Author: L+A Law Firm on behalf of EF Shipping

Please note that I have been passed for reply your message of 15 February 2016 to Efshipping Co. S.A.   

Reference is made to your message of 15 February 2016, inviting my client to comment on the allegations made by Nakis’ family members.

Perhaps you may be interested to know that the issues raised in your message have been the subject of a civil litigation in the U.S.A. and a preliminary inquiry of the Piraeus Public Prosecutor in Greece.

These proceedings so far have produced no evidence to suggest that seafarer Nakis’ disappearance is anything else but a misadventure.

In addition, the judicial inquiry currently being conducted by the Piraeus Public Prosecutor has so far revealed non impropriety in this case.

Last but not least, the Flag State Administration has carried out its own investigation, which ended up in a verdict of misadventure.

As the preliminary inquiry of the Piraeus Public Prosecutor is held in secrecy, we regret to say that our client is unable to engage itself in any open forum discussion over this subject as you suggest.

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22 February 2016

Statement from sister of missing seafarer Anastasios Nakis

Author: Maria-Katerina Naki, via Human Rights at Sea

"MISSING SEAFARERS REPORTING PROGRAMME Family Impact Statement", 10 Feb 2016

My name is Maria-Katerina Naki, I am the sister of…Anastasios Nakis. Anastasios went missing onboard the bulk carrier Ingrid C flying the Marshall Islands flag on the 12th of April 2015 a few hours before the ship reached…Manzanillo, Mexico…Ingrid C…belongs to the company EFShipping…On…(12th April 2015)…the chief master of the company who was aboard Ingrid C vessel…told us that my brother went missing…He reported to us that they looked everywhere for him on board…and at sea…They did not find any trace of my brother…When the ship arrived…in Houston Texas, the three greek crew members, gave a testimony to the Hellenic Coast Guard Maritime Attaché…From the very moment on we have not been informed on anything regarding the case of my brother…We have appealed to all stakeholders involved in the case. Unfortunately, we found many doors closed…We hereby publicly deny…that…my brother, the scenario of suicide…We believe that there are people out there who are to be held responsible for our child’s loss…

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22 February 2016

USA: Father of missing seafarer Anastasios Nakis files lawsuit against EFShipping

Author: Carol Ostrow, SE Texas Record (USA)

"Father sues shipping outfit for son’s disappearance at sea", 15 May 2015

…Vassilis Nakis, individually and as representative for the estate of Anastasios Nakis, filed against Efshipping Co. S.A. Panama of Piraeus, Greece; and the M/V Ingrid C in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas May 14, claiming negligence in the April disappearance of Anastasios Nakis…According to court documents, Anastasios Nakis, a crewmember employed by the defendant…was last seen on or about April 12, 2015…Vassilis Nakis stated that he last spoke by telephone to Anastasios on April 11...Despite search efforts by the Mexican Navy, the seaman was not found and is presumed dead. Vassilis Nakis states that Efshipping refuses to cooperate further, supposedly claiming that their investigation is being conducted in secrecy. The plaintiff cites the defendant on several counts of violations of the Jones Act, including unseaworthiness of the vessel and general maritime negligence. The suit also requests that the vessel be arrested, condemned and sold to pay for damages. Citing social and pecuniary loss, the plaintiff seeks compensation…

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