Green Economy or Clean Energy With Equity for Latin America

Author: Humberto Márquez, IPS News, Published on: 11 April 2012

Latin America and the Caribbean have the potential to uncouple regional economic growth from fossil fuel consumption and develop a "green economy" based on cleaner energy sources, while at the same time reducing social inequalities. "One out of three Latin Americans is living in poverty…so we need long-term growth that is more equitable and environmentally sustainable,"…the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA)...[said]. "[I]t is not a question of changing production and consumption patterns overnight, but of moving forward in that direction..."…SELA warns that "direct state involvement is required through public policies…to galvanise and enliven the transition…there is the need to make it all-inclusive," with policies "to ensure job adjustments and training so that the labour force is able to work in a green economy."…

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