Green Edge 8 - Saving Lives on Farms in Latin America - Cultivar

Author: John Tepper Marlin in Huffington Post [USA], Published on: 1 September 2008

The safety of U.S. food depends starts with the farms where our food is grown...At work now to improve farm safety and sanitation in three Latin American countries...are staff members for a little-known project called Cultivar...[which is] providing technical assistance to [8] banana farms in the Dominican Republic, [3] melon farms in Honduras and [6] banana farms in Nicaragua. Common to farms in all three countries is adverse effect on the health of workers and their families of pesticides and fertilizers...The other pervasive problem is the general lack of sanitation...The...project offers the incentive of some modest grants to provide missing sanitary facilities and encourage management and workers on the...farms to undergo training to raise their standards...The project is funded [by the] U.S. Department of Labor...USAID and the State Department. The project is also supported by the participation of companies, which provide in-kind and cash resources, and NGOs. [also refers to Shell, Del Monte, Chiquita, Dole, Tesco, Wal-Mart]

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