Green Park Intl. lawsuit (re Bil’in villagers' land grabbing)

Bilin from Modiin IllitIn 2008, a Palestinian village sued the construction company Green Park International in Canada.  They alleged breaches of international law by the company for building homes on occupied lands in the West Bank.  In September 2009, the Supreme Court declined jurisdiction.



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16 June 2009

[audio] The Current - Part 3: Bil'in Canadian Lawsuit [scroll down]

Author: The Current, Radio One, CBC [Canada]

We started this segment with a clip of Mohammad Khatib…[H]e lives in Bil'in. It's a small Palestinian farming village in the West Bank ... just west of Ramallah…And they say they are losing their land, watching as it is taken over by Israeli settlements or cut off from them by the construction of what Israel calls a security fence and what Palestinians say is a wall. What Mohammad Khatib and some of the village's other residents decided to do is sue the two companies developing those apartment buildings. And since they're both Canadian companies based in Montreal, that means filing the lawsuit in a Canadian court. [refers to Green Mount, Green Park International]

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3 June 2009

[video] People & Power - Courtroom Intifada

Author: People&Power, Al Jazeera

...Juliana Ruhfus travels to the West Bank village of Bilin. Villagers and protesters are taking their longstanding campaign against Israel's seperation wall to the courts. Helped by an Israeli legal maverick have now a filed a case against the international construction companies who are building the settlements. They claim they have violated international human rights law by building on occupied land. [refers to Veolia, Alstom, Green Park International, Green Mount International]

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20 May 2009

Putting corporations on trial

Author: Al Jazeera

Corporations on Trial is a five-part series charting the rapidly growing number of lawsuits brought against multi-national corporations...People & Power presenter and reporter, Juliana Ruhfus, explains the reasons behind the series and the importance of exposing the use and abuse of coporate power...One of the key changes is the coming of age of environmental and human rights activism...[refers to Lapindo Brantas (joint venture Energi Mega Persada, MedcoEnergi, Santos), Chiquita, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Texaco, Dole]

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10 July 2008

Palestinian villagers try to sue Canadian builders

Author: Rory McCarthy, Guardian [UK]

Lawyers for a Palestinian village have begun a rare legal case against two Canadian construction companies…The case…alleges that the two Canadian firms are breaching international law by building and selling homes in part of the settlement of Modi'in Illit on land originally belonging to the Palestinian village of Bil'in…The writ names the two firms as Green Park International and Green Mount International…The…firms…are expected to strongly contest the case. In the past, lawyers representing them have argued that construction in the settlement is covered by approved planning schemes or does not substantially violate Israeli planning law…[A]n Israeli lawyer…who represents the companies, declined to comment…It is not clear whether the Quebec superior court will decide to hear the case.

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