Greenpeace report says manufacture of electronic products in China, Mexico, Philippines & Thailand is contaminating rivers & wells

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13 February 2007

[PDF] full report: "Cutting Edge Contamination - A Study of Environmental Pollution During the Manufacture of Electronic Products"

Author: Brigden, K., Labunska, I., Santillo, D.,Walters, A., Greenpeace Intl.

[facilities investigated for the report owned by: Compeq, Fortune, Elec & Eltek, Fortune, Navanakorn, Bangpa-in, Hi-Tech, KCE Rojana, PCTT Gateway Business Park, On Semicon, Cavite Export Processing Zone, Kemet, Sanyo Video, Sony, Parque Integral (Flextronics), Jabil, Solectron, Sanmina-SCI plant 3, HP, IBM] [If any of these companies wishes to submit a response to this report we will link to it alongside]

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8 February 2007

High-Tech industry contaminating rivers and underground water in Asia and Mexico

Author: Greenpeace Intl.

The [Greenpeace] report [‘Cutting Edge Contamination: A study of environmental pollution during the manufacture of electronic products’] shows that some of the electronics industries’ biggest brands, and their suppliers, are contaminating rivers and underground wells with a wide range of hazardous chemicals. Analysis of samples taken from industrial estates in China, Mexico, the Philippines and Thailand, reveals the release of hazardous chemicals in each of the three sectors investigated: printed wiring board (PWB) manufacture, semiconductor chip manufacture and component assembly...[refers to IBM]

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