Greenpeace stages protests against KFC & Cargill for the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon

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1 April 2006

[PDF] full report: "Eating up the Amazon"

Author: Greenpeace

Since...2003, nearly 70,000km2 of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed....In 2004–05 around 1.2 million hectares of soya...was planted in the...rainforest. It is well documented that slave labour is used to clear forest for agriculture....Up to 75% of Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions result from deforestation...Three US-based agricultural commodities giants – Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Bunge and Cargill – are responsible for about 60% of the total financing of soya production in Brazil...Partners in crime: 80% of the world’s soya production is fed to the livestock industry...While we focus on McDonald’s, our investigations have also shown that the same crimes are likely to be on the menu of the majority of European fast food retailers and supermarkets...Grupo André Maggi bears a huge amount of responsibility for ‘reshaping’ the Amazon. [also refers to HSBC, Rabobank, Monsanto, Pizza Hut (part of Yum!), KFC (part of Yum!)]

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1 May 2006

[PDF] Cargill’s View on the Greenpeace Report: “Eating Up the Amazon”

Author: Cargill

Soy occupies less than 0.6 percent of the land in the Amazon biome today, and most of that soy is grown on the fringes of the Amazon biome...Economic development is the long-term solution to protecting both the Amazon’s peoples and the environment...Agricultural production is appropriate in some areas...In a groundbreaking move, we have informed our suppliers and local officials that...Cargill will only purchase soy from those producers who are in compliance with the Forest Code...By actively engaging with farmers and environmental organizations in the region, we can help ensure that soy is produced in ways that are more sustainable than if we were not there...We do not condone the use of slave labor of any kind.

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17 May 2006

Greenpeace protests against multinationals who destroy the Amazon to produce cheap poultry

Author: Greenpeace Brasil

The organization [Greenpeace] accuses KFC [part of YUM!] of crimes against Amazonia by stimulating soy production to feed chickens sold at...their...restaurants. Meanwhile, in front of the Cargill port...another group of Greenpeace activists [protested]...During the protest, two Greenpeace activists were insulted by Cargill employees who called out with offensive sexual expressions..."KFC...secret recipe for the...fried chicken...[is]: deforestation, slave labor, massive use of agrotoxins, land speculation, illegal land tenure and extinction of rare species", states...Greenpeace's Amazonia Campaign...Greenpeace recently questioned Yum! Brands, Inc. regarding its contribution to the destruction of Amazonia, but the company merely responded that the soy consumed by the company also comes from other parts of Brazil. Greenpeace, however, has evidence that shows the clear connection between the poultry products sold by KFC and Amazonian soy sold by the US-based multinational, Cargill.

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