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Company non-response
14 June 2006

Guangzhou Development Industry Holdings did not respond to: Shooting of protesters who opposed power plant construction at Dongzhou village, Shanwei.

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1 June 2006

China: Dongzhou Killings Must Be Investigated

Author: Human Rights Watch

China is attempting to lay to rest without investigation the most serious governmental assault on public protesters since the Tiananmen massacre, Human Rights Watch said today. In the absence of public disclosure about the role of officials in the...

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10 May 2006

[PDF] Power, protests and the police: The shootings at Shanwei [China]

Author: Mary Ho & Richard Welford, CSR Asia, in CSR Asia Weekly

[scroll down to p. 4] On 6th December 2005, a number of local villagers were killed and several more were injured during a protest in Shanwei, Guangdong, Southern China, over claims relating to inadequate compensation for land seizures by the...

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1 January 2006

Carbon Disclosure Project, in which investors request corporate disclosure on carbon risk & management: ASrIA analyses findings for Asian companies

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31 December 2005

[PDF] Carbon Disclosure Project Report 2006 - Asia ex-Japan

Author: Carbon Disclosure Project, ASrIA, Trucost

In 2006, CDP [Carbon Disclosure Project] extended [its] information request to over 2000 companies in total, which included 125 from Asia excluding Japan... Overall, only 26% of the companies responded to the information request...The mixed response...

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9 December 2005

The Shanwei (Dongzhou) Incident [China]

Author: EastSouthWestNorth

The following is an illustration of the level of details in coverage by English- and Chinese-language media of the same event [shooting by police of villagers protesting construction of power plants]. The listing is done in order of increasing details...

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8 December 2005

Protesters killed by police [China]

Author: Associated Press, in Standard [Hong Kong]

Police opened fire on villagers protesting the construction of a wind-power plant in Guangdong [in Dongzhou, a village in the city of Shanwei], leaving at least two people dead, a news report said Wednesday... "That's something between the villagers...

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