"Guatemala’s Marlin Gold Mine: Suggestions to rectify its most serious errors" - paper on suggestions to reduce its social and environmental impact

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25 September 2012

Goldcorp response

Author: Goldcorp

…In keeping with our commitment to transparency, I would like to acknowledge that Mr. Goodland contacted the Chair of our Sustainability, Environment Health and Safety Committee to discuss the final recommendations in the document. However, given that the document was finalized, we did not provide feedback on the content of…[it]. We remain respectful of Mr. Goodland’s point of view and the research he conducted, but encourage your readers to consult the Human Rights Assessment (HRA) that was published in 2010…Since then, Goldcorp has been diligent in its implementation of the recommendations contained in the report, including the implementation of a corporate Human Rights Policy which was developed to be consistent with international law, the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework, the UN Global Compact principles, the Voluntary Principles on Human Rights and Security, and best industry practices…

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17 September 2012

[DOC] Guatemala’s Marlin Gold Mine: Suggestions to rectify its most serious errors

Author: Robert Goodland

…The two most controversial mines in Latin America are Guatemala’s Marlin mine and Peru’s Conga mine…The Marlin gold mine [owned by Montana Exploradora, part of Golcorp], Guatemala’s largest, is similar to the Conga gold mine in many ways. Both Peru and Guatemala lack effective governance in the remote areas where these mines are located; both mines are in conflict-prone regions. Despite shootings, killings and severe injuries at the hands of the military, both mines received approbation of high project quality from the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC). Both mines are owned by foreign companies…and …both have long track records of wreaking massive environmental and social impacts…This paper briefly outlines the issues of the Marlin mine and proposes how Goldcorp could take six steps to adopt best practices of responsible mining to reduce its social and environmental impact while continuing to make a profit…

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